Taxing times — 8 Comments

  1. Got their pound of flesh off me I can tell you. Feckin PAYE. Still, the excise on your tobacco should help too, so don’t feel too bad.

  2. My tax takes about 2 minutes to do – income + sponsor child – bus fare…I’d call in an accountant, but a chimp with a pen could do it! I have a soda after all that exhaustion…

  3. Thrifty – I have no conscience about the amount. If you saw how much I have paid over a lifetime of PAYE!!

    Michael – If only life were that simple here. It’s all these Addbacks and Capital Depreciation that get to me. I am useless at finance. [Lend me a quid?]

    Jim C – Do you think I should have sent more?

  4. There’s the 1% Levy next year – that will put your bill up!

    There will be an extra 15 cent to pay – and of course there’s the 50 cent duty on the cheque with which you will pay it.

  5. Very altruistic of you, Sir. Give that man a round of applause….

    You probably read that some imbecile in England left a disc in a car park containing all the user names and passwords for a major government website that processes among other things income tax returns. The whole website had to be shutdown while they frantically re-secured it.

    I dare say all my personal bank details are floating around in a layby somewhere near Birmingham.

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