Amazing sex — 14 Comments

  1. Quite true Brian..
    Nature finds a runs by its own calender and then just when you think you have something pegged,it goes and surprises you..
    Are they all done with the shagging by the time you get to the lake Grandad?
    Frogs are cool.

  2. Welcome Fill3rup! The odd time I have seen them. The come in their dozens for a mass orgy – a gang bang on a grand scale. This time though there was no sign of them; just their spawn.

  3. “Love in the air / water”, ha, sounds more like “lust in the water”.

    by the by, wonder how many computers will block this post given its eye-catching title?

  4. Well, it’s like what old Grandpa Frog used to say, “Eat, drink, and be merry, for tomorrow we croak!”
    Good for them!

  5. Sounds like a wet & wild February for the Irish frogs!…we’re experiencing a bit of a drought over here…literally & figuratively.


  6. Charmed – Love? Lust? What’s the difference? I would say this post will probably be blocked, but think of the lovely searches I will get!! 😈

    Star – That is rapidly becoming my motto for life!

    RhodesTer – You have come up with some bad ones in the past but that is in a league of its own!!

    Hiya Olga! The weather here is very strange at the moment. Last week we had a foot of snow and the lake was frozen over, but today was a beautiful spring day – calm and mild. Weird.

  7. The froggies can have Valentine’s Day; I hate it. Must admit I’m impressed with their dedication, considering what the weather’s been!

  8. That’s quite cool actually.

    Our pond here seems to explode in froggy love a bit later, you can hear the buggers at it over the television.

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