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  1. You better turn off your mobile during the awards!

    Come to think of it, all those interruptions from the phone calls could be a good excuse for you to avoid paying for those pints you promised me!

  2. Robert – It’s all right. Bock is paying for all the drinks. It may even be a free bar, on him?

    Susan – I have already had them. Sandy flushed one out of the hedge last week. He is down in the landfill, and I have a nice new camera!

  3. The price of fame eh??
    Don’t forget to drink the contents of your fridge before the interview.
    I look forward to seeing you in the Australian jungle with Ant and Dec later this year ;D

  4. Val – Why would I want to drink all that milk? I would love to be in an isolated spot with Ant and Dec – I would take the greatest delight in strangling the pair of them.

  5. You need to milk to line your stomach before all the alcohol.
    Phew, wondered what you were going to say about being alone with Ant and Dec 😉

  6. After Limerick we’ll bring you over here and interview you in Detroit, East St. Louis, Compton, North Philly, South Bronx, Little Havana, Chicago Heights and some little former mining town in West Virginia where they’ll say… “He’s talks funny but he’s got nice lips”.

  7. I hope all this fame doesn’t go to your head and then you won’t want the likes of us “commoners” on your blog then Grandad! That said, I hope you sweep up those awards at the Blog Awards thingy and I also hope your daughter joins you. 🙂

    PS : Hope you didn’t forget Valentine’s Day – or Herself will not accompany you next week. I just know you’re a fan of that commercial holiday too. (Like Christmas, remember?) 😉

  8. Milton – ? The best I can do? Are you from Limerick? 😉

    Brianf – For God’s sake.. every city in the States is lethal with those stupid gun laws of yours. Maybe Obama will repeal them?

    Tricia – I take life as it comes, and I am told by my team of media people that I am the same lovable old character I always was. I am going to the awards to teach them how to drink. I very much doubt that I’ll pick up any awards, though I might pick up a female blogger or two? As for Valentine’s Day – I did my bit last Tuesday.

  9. I’m glad to see others are aware of the Double Antichrist that is called Ant & Dec. They were part of the reason I got rid of my telly a few years ago and refuse to buy another.

    The little light brown haired one- ‘Dec’ I suspect given that they never appear standing facing the camera as ‘Dec and Ant’ (does anyone notice that?) is inoffensive enough if weirdly preserved as a teenager for a chap obviously in his thirties at least.

    But the other one- the black haired Spawn of Beelzebub they call ‘Ant’ here on earth. Take a look at him when t’other little fellow Dec is speaking. He has a very peculiar way of staring straight at the camera and I know when someone is reading down an autocue so it isn’t that.

    There’s something very wrong with that chap and if I had either kids or a telly I’d hide the children behind the couch if they appeared on screen.

    Its the Omen with hair gel. Other than that I’m sure he’s a lovely fellow.

  10. Sorry Grandad, I just tried to edit a comment before uploading to your blog and when the edit was accepted what showed up was my comment with the characters ‘20%’ appearing in every blank space between words.

    I had the same thing yesterday- am I doing something wrong I wonder? Didn’t mean to upload gobbledegook!

  11. Ok, its been a while since I lived in the dear ole sod known as Limerick, but stillll, ooooohhhhhh.

    Grandad, I’m looking forward to a blog about all things wodnerful about Limerick on your return!

  12. Captain – Now your comment has disappeared completely. A pity, as I like a bit of Ant and Dec apart-ripping. I don’t know what’s wrong. What browser are you using?

    Charmed – Congratulations on making it out alive and in one piece! I’m very sorry to disappoint but I’m not actually going there. I have more sense than that. I’m heading down to Cork for the weekend and that is about as near as I would risk.

  13. Captain – All is well. Your comment had gone into moderation for some reason, but the truth about Ant and Dec is now out for the world to see. I do think however you are going a bit over the top referring to Ant as the Spawn of Beelzebub? Is Beelzebub that bad?

  14. Limerick was called “Stab City” by Gerry Stembridge, who wrote the script for Scrap Saturday.

    Gerry is a Limerickman, and I think he would probably now acknowledge how stupid the nickname is.

    Unfortunately, this nickname has been used for cheap laughs over the years and there’s no doubt that it has harmed us.

  15. Perhaps. But then we’d be forced to find similar names for Dublin, Cork, Sligo and everywhere else you’ll find murdering knacker scumbags.

    That would be wrong.

    Why increase the number of children who feel hurt by labelling of their home town? Let’s just keep it to the Limerick kids, since they’re already hurt.

    You see? I knew we were going back to the Eighties, except in those days, it was the Brits calling all of us terrorist bombers. How we chuckled at their gentle ribbing when they called us IRA murderers.

    At least now the stereotyping is confined to one city, instead of the whole island and that has to be progress, surely. And we’re doing it to ourselves, which proves we’ve achieved independence.

  16. Limerick was called “Stab City” by Gerry Stembridge, who wrote the script for Scrap Saturday.

    Gerry is a Limerickman, and I think he would probably now acknowledge how stupid the nickname is.

    Unfortunately, this nickname has been used for cheap laughs over the years and there’s no doubt that it has harmed us.

    Actually he didn’t create it, he propagated it, but didn’t create it.

    It was a local journalist who came up with it after a single stabbing incident, that of a foreign national in the late 80s if I recall.

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