Guinea Pigs — 25 Comments

  1. Oh dear – i’m surprised it has survived in the hedge – strange he’s going for a carnivore diet? Are you sure he’s a guinea pig?
    I’ve just checked Hendrix’s cage – he’s safe and warbling over here – so – not guilty!!
    There could be a small child somewhere who is missing your little maneater!!!

  2. Kate – I don’t know why he’s carnivorous. Maybe he sampled some of my crop? I have put a notice in the local shop, but I think it’s a waste of time – I don’t think guinea pigs can read.

    Wolfy – I’m afraid he may have eaten his owner. Then no one will call to claim him….

  3. Those things totally creep me out. I have no idea why.. My children are always begging for one, but I have enough to worry about with a cat and an out of control puppy… Our cat actually caught a chipmunk the other day (a little one) and for a moment I thought it was a hamster. Maybe it’s a chipmunk you have? Anyway, they requested a funeral and all, but I kindly disposed of it and told them it must have come back to life as it had disappeared. Another McCain trick 🙂

  4. Oh and I had another brilliant idea – buy another one, call it Obama, set it loose with McCain and watch them destroy each other… Problem solved.

  5. TT – Don’t tell me that McCain has been telling porkies? That’s very naughty of him?

    Ian – Recession? What recession? That only applies to people with money.

    Maxi – Do you want to make up the pair? It would be handy to have one that is already named.

    Tricia – I have to confess, I find them rather endearing, especially when they are ripping a cat’s throat out. It’s certainly not a chipmunk.We don’t allow them in Ireland. But you know that.

    Actually, I should have called my guinea pig Obama. It’s black [*cough*]

  6. Maybe you should name one after an English politician(s) that wants to stop teaching about the Holocaust because the Muslims don’t believe it happened????

  7. Rodent is the operative word here. They are disgusting rodents or better yet vermin!
    Take some rifle practice and put the little fecker out of your misery.
    btw, McCain is probably much easier to say than Comrade Obama.

  8. Brianf – You are full of heart. I was out feeding him today. He had steak and chips. He’s quite cute.

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