A topsy turvey world — 17 Comments

  1. I had to smile at the thought of you on a renovation mission with your 3 pin plugs carefully packed – just in case!!! What a way to spend a holiday!!!

  2. *sigh*
    3-pin sockets
    Elephant gun
    15lb Semtex
    etc. etc.

    Are you the only person on the Interweb today?

  3. I have no objections to cozy little chats. I was just wondering where the Rest of The World is?

    As for the Semtex – Have you never gone on holiday and found a tree stump in the way and just wished you had some way of removing it?

  4. Funny thing is – we have all those things backwards over in the USA too. We too drive on the wrong (er right) side of the road. Those plugs in the bathrooms still freak me out! Wonder where all these great ideas of theirs came from in the first place? 🙂

  5. Oh and I’m out here alright – you sent the rain over here and I have no choice but remain indoors on the computer! 🙂

  6. Tricia – Is America French? Naah! Can’t be. France is civilised. You must have taken the ideas from them. Sorry about the weather, but I had to send the rain somewhere.

  7. The first time I ever got the crap kicked out of me was by the Paris cops. Although they were tres gentil compared with the Hamburg cops.

  8. Ha! Now you know how I feel, when I visit Ireland and the UK! Of course, I’m so backwards anyway that I feel right at home flipping the switches down. Heck, I drive on the left too, but only when slightly legless. 🙂

  9. Do they still have Minitel in France?

    I haven’t seen a terminal for a while, not that I have been looking for one.

    It was a sort of proto-Web.

  10. My poor husband…I see he’s slipped a few notches in the Most Embarassing Husband 2008 race. He’s downstairs now breaking…er, FIXING, my washing machine. I’m up here commenting to you and trying not to think about the washing machine.

    Maybe we should go to France, and I’ll let him work on THEIR houses…yeah. That would be nice.

  11. TT – ’68?? Do you realise you were having the shit kicked out of you in Paris the same time I was having the crap kicked out of me in Dublin? Glorious times. It’s a small world.

    JD – I vote we change all light switches to switch horizontally, and we all drive down the centre of the road?

    Ian – No sign of Minitel. They are years ahead of us on broadband though. They think 16Mb is slow!!!

    Susan – Semtex is good for fixing washing machines too. Want some?

  12. We consider sockets in the bathroom to be an intelligence test. It helps chlorinate the gene pool and looking around at the gene pool today it needs a lot of chlorine.

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