A bridge too far — 18 Comments

  1. I’d be worried about this Roger fellow…

    I’m reminded of the Simpsons episode when Kitt the car-thing from Knight Rider went after Homer because he wanted Marge for himself.

    Thanks be to God, you’re smarter than Homer. Is Roger *nicer* to Herself than to you? IS he? Or does he just want your car to himself, do you think?

  2. Susan – I can’t make out whether Roger is trying to kill me or just has a quirky sense of humour. He doesn’t talk to Herself at all.

  3. Maybe they’re all playing strip-poker up there on the satellite and he just doesn’t have his mind *completely* on your driving…

  4. Radge – I don’t think so. If I disconnect his battery, he doesn’t sing ‘Daisy’.

    Susan – Could be. It must be very boring up there when I’m not driving.

  5. I call my Satnav cuntface, as she has brought me to some places that civilization forgot long ago.

    I circled a roundabout for about an hour one day because she kept telling me to take the 6th exit, on a 2 exit job.


    Never trust them.

  6. Maxi – You mean to say you drove around the roundabout three times to make up the sixth exit? You’re worse than Cuntface. It’s no wonder she has a laugh at you.

  7. I drove around three times shouting at her trying to figure out what she wanted me to do, but yes I suppose I am a cuntface too.

    She once wanted me to make a U-turn inbetween exits on the M50, so I think she’s trying to honour a hit that might be out on me.

  8. Maxi – It’s all a conspiracy by the Global Warming crowd to cut down on the number of cars on the road……

  9. When taking passengers under the seven arches in milltown I sometimes say, that’s called the seven arches, how many arches do you think their are? No-one ever says seven!
    there are 7!

  10. What you might call a severe rogering then? Do not trust him sir – methinks he’s been programmed by one of your victims!!

  11. Jim C – Is there a ‘murder’ option I can deselect?

    Roy – I wouldn’t have said seven. I know the Irish habit of giving inappropriate names!

    Kate – Programmed? Do you mean he isn’t real?

  12. Oh dear, did you think he was your bestest friend – lurking inside a little box – or worse sitting on a star somewhere waiting to guide you?

    I think you’ve been harvesting a little too many beans my friend!!!!

  13. Kate – I was told he was up on a satellite [that’s why it’s called Satellite Navigation]. How else would he know where I was at any given moment? Anything else doesn’t make sense. And I don’t smoke the beans – just the leaves.

  14. Many things don’t make sense in this world – and Roger on a satellite makes no sense to me – keep drying the leaves – maybe it’ll help to forget the madness of this world!!! And don’t go driving off bridges!!!!
    Peace, my friend!

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