Lazy hazy days of summer — 30 Comments

  1. Maxi – Why do you think it’s called a poop deck? I’ll just train the anteaters to wash the place out from time to time.

  2. I am disappointed that you are upholding traditional prejudices – I see not a single unicorn in that picture. Don’t tell me that they are going to be left out again.

  3. Please spray for cockroaches,do not want.and mosquitoes,bed bugs,ect.and get some good quality seed.and do not pick up swimming hitchhikers.Oh and those little pain in the ass dogs,do the world a favor,leave them behind.

  4. I blame Al Gore for raising our expectations. We muddled along nicely with our patchy Irish summer until he turned up with his damn Powerpoint presentation and made us hope for something a bit more balmy and tropical.

    In fact, I think I may file a law suit against him for the likely failure now of my new banana plantation in Roscommon, not to mention the fact that Cork may not now disappear if sea levels are actually not on the rise. I really had my hopes up there.

  5. Warmer summers me bollocks. I’m walking around with permanently erect nipples. And not in the good way.

  6. Popeye – Consider it done. I’m also leaving out Paris Hilton, unless anyone has any objections?

    Longman – I think a class action by the world’s population against Al Gore is an excellent idea. I’ll drop into my solicitor and start the ball rolling. Luckily he’s not from Cork…..

    Terence – It’s all those little blue tablets you insist on buying off the Interweb.

  7. The weather is getting weirder & weirder…here in California there are currently over 800 wild fires burning & we haven’t seen the sun (through all the smoke) in over week! Worldwide floods, earthquakes, rain, tornados…Geez, what if the weathermen(weatherpeople?) really are to blame?!?

  8. I wish the weather where I live could be like yours! It’s pushing 32C and is incredibly humid. I would take a cold rainy day over a hot sweaty one any day!

  9. Danny – Some people are just never happy!! I’ve just put the central heating on for a bit.

  10. Well Grandad, that makes total sense. But is there any place in the world God isn’t pissed at?

  11. I say bring on the global warming. We could do with a bit of warm weather.

    Please excuse while I go burn some rubbish.

  12. Olga – The Seychelles.

    Lottie – I think they were right in the 70s – we’re heading for another ice age!!

  13. At first I thought the whole global warming thing was a load of bollocks, but after last summer (and with the way this one is shaping up) I’ve changed my mind. I’ve now resigned myself to the fact that my later years are going to be spent on some sort of makeshift clipper boat, sailing around looking for the last bit of land, just like that movie – Waterworld… only with more entertainment and less Kevin Costner.

    That is, unless I can afford one of these babies:

  14. I lived in the uk there for a number of years, and apart from the fact its an awfull place 😉 you actually get some sort of summer. But anyway I used to make the odd call back on the dog and bone to see how everyone was getting on over on the emerald isle and was informed constantly that the weather was infact magnificent! So I packed my bag and baggage and Mr O’ Leary flew me back for 1 cent + taxes** only to find your an island of lying bastards!

    **actual price £49.99
    ***actual ACTUAL price £149.00 because I happened to have a bag.

  15. Look on the bright side. It could be worse. We could send the clintons, B. Hussein Obama and Algore over there for good!
    Hmmmm, not a bad idea. That would make the US a much nicer place to be.
    BTW, it’s 87degF and sunny here.

  16. H – It is a load of bollocks. We’re heading for an ice age!

    Johnie – So you brought the bad weather?? Fuck off back to where you came from….

    Brianf – Why would dumping a load of politicians on us solve our weather?

    BB [I’m not typing that name in again!] – Not a choppy one, I hope.

  17. Grandad, It wouldn’t but it would give you even more to complain about and serve to clean this place up a bit. Anyways think of all the wonderfull new ‘Green’ laws that Algore could introduce in Ireland….rather than here.

  18. One of ClareBear’s friends is in Galway freezing her tootsies off in a pair of rubber thongs! Hardy types we Aussie women! Our midwinter is warmer than your summer! 😛

  19. 109 here last week. Lung-scorching it was. And that’s the weekend our air-conditioning broke. We all spent most of Sunday in our undies thinking of excuses to go and get something else from the divine cool of the fridge.

  20. They now refer to it as global climate “change”. They are thought it was going to cool down, now they thing it is going to warm up, now some are not sure. But everyone agrees that it will change, except for the people who think it won’t. Is that clear?

  21. Baino – “freezing her tootsies off in a pair of rubber thongs” – Fucking tourists! 😉

    TT – No problem. We’ll melt him down for fuel.

    Sam – “We all spent most of Sunday in our undies” – Thank you Sam…. I’m all warmed up now!

    JimC – So that’s it? They are right all along. In other words, the weather is going to change? So tomorrow could be wetter, or colder, or warmer or drier? I can’t wait. Thanks for sorting that out.

  22. Climate change isn’t about “weather” or not the sun will shine on your day trip to the f*ckin’ beach you morons. It has nothing to do with coming out of or going into an ice age. If you ostriches bothered to look it up instead of getting on the bandwaggon of pseudo-science you would be scared shitless. Actually, your inbred selfishness would, no doubt, preclude that. No debate here, it just had to be said.

  23. There’s always one that has to spoil the fun.

    I’m pretty sure that all the “morons” who commented here understand global warming doesn’t discriminate our trips to beaches. As for being inbred, my mother-sister would take massive offense to that if she wasn’t too busy watching “The Day After Tomorrow” thinking it was a documentary.

    And another thing, it’s bad enough she has to share her bed with the penguin refugees that showed up last night without hearing about ostriches too!

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