Going high tech — 21 Comments

  1. Congrats on the Sat Nav.

    I got something similar, but it also finds me a parking space. It looks a little like yours, only it wears a Paddy cap, a rain coat and has a folded up Racing Form in it’s back pocket and has a limp. It’s good at finding me spaces, but it keeps telling me to “lock it hard” when I’m parallel parking.

    Just a little annoying.

  2. I just got myself a cell phone signal zapper a couple of days ago. I am having more fun with it than you can imagine. Hey, Maxi.looks like you are going for the first and last comment again today, same as yesterday.

  3. It is a touch antiquated to say so these days, old bean, I know. However, I have always maintained that there is no point in one owning a Rolls Royce if one does not retain the services of a trustworthy chauffeur to get one from work to the club and then home.

    These new fangled sat navs will simply never replace the services of good help, what?

    Toodle pip for now.

  4. Congrats on your Satnavvery. We’re hitting Kilkenny again tomorrow and praying the SatNav will bring us a little closer than it did last time. Still, Galway is a lovely city.

  5. Maxi – I’ll do a swap? OK?

    TT – That sounds like fun! I must get one of those.

    Longman – I do so agree. However with this frightful recession, we are having to let some of our staff go, and I’m afraid Charles was one of the first. I’m giving the dog proper driving lessons this weekend.

    E Mum – Who? Me? Never!

    Darren – Just mind the Cliffs of Moher on the way down…….

  6. Yes I am having manual issues also.

    My Satnav wants your Satnav’s number for fun, friendship and maybe more apparently.

    Downloaded John Cleese’s voice yet?

  7. K8 – What kind of SatNav do you think my SatNav is? Your’s may have loose morals, but mine doesn’t. Yet. Do you know that yours is also a hands-free kit for your mobile?

    BB – I just set it for ‘off road’ and drive across the fields.

    TT – Classic! If I were still a rail commuter I would definitely get one of those! 😈

  8. These words that follow? Mark ’em.

    You’ll shove it into the glove box within a month and leave it there.

  9. Sat Navs. Arrah shtap.

    I’m on the road all day and was late for an appointment because my Sat Nav couldn’t find Oulart in. Co. Wexford. I’m not holding this against it though, when I did get there eventually I’d gone through it before I realised I was there so if I couldn’t manage it, what hope has a sat nav, eh?

    Incidentally, a caller into a radio station one morning was asked had he a sat nav, he says: “No but the wife is beside me, so you could say I have a ‘fat nag’ instead.”


  10. oooo tt, I’m saving up my money starting now! Do they work on the street? Like when an idiot in a big ole suv nearly runs you over because they are on the cell phone? omg! limitless possibilities (evil grin) 😉

  11. No Grandad! Throw it away! Satnav will cause you to crash and burn and die, which I’m pretty sure would be sore. All these people SatNavel gazing cannot be paying due attention to the road.

    SatNav is a curse! O, who will heed my terrible warnings?

    *Runs around Cassandra-like, tearing at own hair*

  12. Terence – Strange! I found two Oularts on mine? Maybe I have yours?

    Prin – It is a valid argument in court that you didn’t see the victim as you were too busy watching the SatNav at the time.

    Sam – What are you worried about? Won’t the world be a safer place then??

    Baino – Typical woman. Asking directions is NOT DONE. It is sissy and weak. Men don’t do it. 99% of the people I send to the bogs are women.

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