God to sue America — 35 Comments

  1. I’m not big on complements but you’ve nailed it with this one . . .except God is of course a she, not a he! And she did have something to do with organised religion, look at all those shiny things in Churches and the big rings and pretty gold necklaces worn by many of the clergy *ooooh shiny things*

  2. Baino – ‘He’ is a generic term. God is not a ‘she’ either. I assume God has no gender, but people would be offended if I said ‘It’.

    And those shiny things in churches are all to do with religion, not faith.

    Grannymar – Once again, you’ve lost me!

  3. This is my favourite post by you so far. Very funny stuff, just what I need on a Monday morning. I work from time to time with the Italian anti-trust authority, would it be alright by you if I brought them a copy of this? I think they’d like it.

  4. …. and “Father Time”.

    Will you lot stop this childish thing about the gender of God? What gender is a rock? Or a thought? Or a spirit? God is by definition, genderless.

    Unless of course you want to quote the King James Bible –
    So God created man in his own image, in the image of God created he him; male and female created he them”

  5. Blessed Art Thou, God
    Who hath sent us Grandad
    To lighten up our day

    May he Rest in Peace now
    With his Blessed ‘Cully & Sully’
    To return with more gems today

    Amen 😉

  6. May I speak up and say “right on,” even though I’m an American? I usually hate it when someone says, “God says …,” as though they have the inside scoop, but somehow, perhaps because you’re Irish, you make it work!

  7. Thank you, Marlys. I wish someone would tell your Great Leader that he doesn’t have a direct line!

    I don’t know if God looks any more favourably on Ireland than anywhere else. Though in my lifetime, we’ve only had a couple of very minor earth tremors, one small hurricane and a few tiddly floods. So maybe we are doing something right?

  8. Grandad,

    God, knowing a bit about the Bible, would of course not take the oath, but would simply affirm. As the Palestinian carpenter said, ‘Let your yes be yes and your no be no’.

  9. Just as soon as Bush gets permission from Cheney to leave his room he is gonna kick yer ass.

    But I hear he’s been grounded for a week.

  10. Why in the name of You Know Who would he want to kick my ass????

    Anyway, he probably doesn’t know where Ireland is!

  11. Gah, you say that like he’s an airline pilot.

    Duh, we don’t all have to be able to find you every second. Sometimes y’all are so silly.

  12. He’d need to find me if he’s to kick my ass?

    And why does he always want to kick ass anyway? Why can’t he just talk nicely and politely?

  13. which God is it exactly what is suing America? Is it the Christian, Jewish, Islamic, or pagan?

  14. Is there “a” pagan god????
    Grandad I be linking this somewhere on my blog, it is absolutely brilliant! How do you come up with the stuff? It must be the craft!!!!!

  15. Semantic – The answer to your question: All of them and none of them. You are falling into the trap of confusing faith and religion. You are talking about religion which is a man made institution. Take all of the religions and apply Ockham’s Razor…..?

    Gaye – I put it down to an interaction within my medication.

  16. Didnt you know God is a white man ?
    the negro and the jazz man discivered so thus.
    negro claimed god was black ; the white man – white/
    Lets ask they say sitting on a ledge over the caynon
    Ok –
    Who are you ?
    they ask into the chasm.
    After some silence the4 earth trembles
    I am who am – a voice thunders
    – see , said the withe man I told you he was a white man.
    How come says the negro
    ‘Cos if was was a black man he woulda said I is who Is!

  17. I would just like to say on behalf of the majority of Americans that we do not agree w/ Bush, and do not agree w/ him using God as his reasoning for everything. Believe me, many of us are feeling the effect of his actions, as is the rest of the world. We’re currently working a bill that denies anyone by the name of bush to ever take office again, including Hillary.

  18. Sarah Palin said “It is God’s will” on our involvement in the war. So God and government are still married in some unholy synergy of ignorance. The fact that people even care if the president is affliated with religion or not is ridiculous. John McCain can’t even remember how many houses he has while some people have none. Now they have the tenacity to bring up the fact that their kids are fighting in the war. Do you think any parent want their kids to grow up and have a gun placed in their hand and be told to kill? This isn’t World War II when we knew what we were fighting for. This is a joke. The people that go to Iraq treat it as such. Look what they did to the prisoners. People just say big deal they could’ve did a lot worse they were just having fun. We can’t even define what an act of torture is. Everytime we ban something we just change the name or the way its done. I don’t think there is a hell because I cannot imagine a place any worse than one we live in. I love the mountains though. Unfortunately, I’ve been stuck in Iowa for over 10 years. This place is a venus fly trap. It lures you in and closes around you. If you’re not doing what everyone else is doing you will find yourself all alone.

  19. Alright, as an American, I found this hilarious and pretty much true.

    I’m not religious at all, but faith is another story, and truth be told, I’m sick and tired of all the “Bible Mongering” that this blasted country has started doing.  

  20. Damn, but it’s a while since I read this.  Thanks Ken for bringing me back.  You lot [Merkans] have been remarkably quiet lately.  You hardly make the news at all over here these days.

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