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  1. If it’s your pillar on your land, then no-one can do anything about it. In fact, as your boundary extends beyond the pillar, you might want to put a fence at your boundary in order to prevent trespass and protect the pillar. You might even consider advising your neighbours, that if the pillar is under threat, you intend enclosing your property.

  2. Why the deuce do they drill a new hole every time? And I can’t imagine taking an extra five seconds to turn in is really ruining anyone’s day.

  3. Ian – Unfortunately, the lane has been eroded in width so that it now encroaches on the land. Where the pillar was once set back from the corner, it has now become the corner. Without any permission or recompense, we have lost up to two feet of land for the sake of widening the lane.

    Thanks, Grannymar and Xbox πŸ™‚

    Emordino – That is one of the things that pisses me off. If they asked for permission, I would point out that there are holes already in place. and as for the five seconds – it doesn’t even take that. But they bring up incredible excuses like “it would slow down an ambulance”!!!!!!!

  4. That’s very touching. Nice tribute to your dad. You stand firm against these insensitive twerps.

  5. “My father is interred in the local graveyard… But he isn’t there.”

    I like that. It makes me think of what a wise old woman said to my Gran at my Grampa’s funeral:

    “This is just the envelope. The letter has already been posted.”

  6. Call us to arms and we will stand beside you. Sod the lot of them if they can’t see that this is for their own good. As for the estate agents, this trespass that can be solved with a match . . .

  7. “Some people may not understand my attachment to that pillar…..
    To me, it represents the cornerstone of my existence here.”
    That is a very powerful & moving statement and I’ll bet if all the nay-sayers could read this beautiful tribute, they would understand. Stay strong Grandad!

  8. Grandad…I have been reflective of late. I lost my mother a few years ago on June 5, and my dad last July 1.

    This post has touched me today…thank you.


  9. I am with Laurie here. It’s hard isn’t it girl? Everyday.Anyway Grandad, a noble cause indeed. Stick to your guns.

  10. Laurie – My Dad died on June 5th [1975]. It’s 33 years now and I still think of him a lot. I miss him, but I feel he is still here, watching and having a laugh. Sometimes he is approving, and occasionally he isn’t. I like having his spirit around.

  11. You have touched me. You have reminded me to slow down. Your thoughts and words really matter. Thank you. Sending positive and fortitudinous thoughts your way. πŸ™‚

  12. Thank you, Regina and welcome! Life is too fast nowadays. I live mine in the slow lane, and I’m a lot happier for it.

  13. Stand your ground, Grandad. The reasons for keeping it are far better and more beautiful than the reasons for removing it. People and their cars will come and go, let the pillar endure.

  14. Graveyards are to walk in , play in and wander around remembering by reading the stones the people that have lived, but they are not there. They are in our thoughts and memories, and in the the things they left behind, their accomplishments.Great story Grandpa.

  15. It was home to him,just as it is home to you .if they can not understand,they are tourist.

  16. Bock – You’re to have the lead role. [I assume that is you on your banner?]

  17. Nicely done Grandad. I don’t visit the graves of my relatives because there are reminders all around me that they are here, walking past my window, working in the garden and always in my dreams. Your pillar looks like a natural part of the landscape, may it long endure.

  18. I liked that. Good one. Shoot the estate agents, or at least take down their signs, for which you did not grant permission.

  19. You say,

    “It had grass growing down the middle, and a lovely old gate at the entrance, which was permanently open.”

    The “permanently open” is the very best!

    And the re-use of old stones.


  20. Hi Gail – You got caught in my spam trap!! It was a lovely little lane. Sadly it has been abused over the last forty years [there are now thirteen houses] and it is in a sorry state!!

    But the pillar remains. πŸ˜‰

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