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  1. That’s fantastic Grandad… looking forward to it! Ran out of TP last night! 😉

  2. Deborah – Sure, you are an old hand at this?

    TP? Is the chemist not open today?

  3. Thanks, Rosie. I have asked them to perforate the pages along the spine for easy recycling.

  4. Nice one, well done. You have finished it a lot quicker than I thought. Here’s looking forward to the final publication. – Cheers!

  5. Congrats Grandad! 🙂 Go down to the pub and have a pint on me! 🙂

  6. Congratulations! I’ve yet to know how it feels but I’m sure it must be good! Enjoy the valley between the books!

  7. Xbox – It’s more relief than excitement. 😉

    Robert – The one that went to the publishers isn’t the definitive Masterpiece Novel. That is going to take years! 🙁

    JD – Welcome home/back/whatever! Please forward price of pint via PayPal!

    JA – My experience was sort of strange, in that they asked me to write a book before it had even occurred to me. At least I’m spared the rejection process. They have already seen a draft of the draft[!] and are very pleased with it. In fact, they are talking about hardback!! The sensation is partly one of relief, but partly one of listlessness. Hard to explain.

    Olga – First major meeting on Friday 13th. Anyone superstitious????

  8. Hi Grandad,
    Well from what I’ve read on this site since I discovered it a few days ago, I’d say that your book will be a resounding success. Good Luck!

  9. I’d buy it but I don’t read Irish. They didn’t teach it to us in school.

  10. IRISH??? Good God no! It’s in Swahili.

    Thanks, everyone 🙂 I hope it’s worth it?

  11. Congrats,your in at the right time .Publishing profits are down and Rowling is out.

  12. Friday the 13th can be a very lucky day! I’ll keep my straps crossed for good luck! 🙂

  13. June – Am I the new Rowling? 😆

    Olga – Fortunately it’s only a decision on when to publish. Thanks for the straps though!

  14. Hiya Flirty – Don’t be impressed… The Magnum Opus has yet to be writ. That is due out in 2010??

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