Organ Donor Week — 11 Comments

  1. Grandad,

    They can be difficult to work with and can become very temperamental (and that’s just the organist).

    Would you not start with a nice tin whistle instead? You could learn a couple of tunes with which to lure tourists.

  2. Grannymar – An unusual idea? But I have other uses for them….

    Ian – Now there’s an idea. I could make a killing on O’Connell Bridge?

    Popeye – I don’t need no Viagra 😉

  3. I’m not really into donations but I’ll trade you one eyeball (in perfect working order) for a clean liver (i.e. not yours, grandad).

    My own liver has seen better days and I always wanted to look like a pirate, any takers?

  4. I reckon you’re a harpsichord man!

    The harpsichord family includes smaller virginals (as quoted from Wikipedia!) – might be the one for you!

  5. H – I would love to oblige, but there’s only one bit left that 100% and I’m not parting with that. Anyway, I already have two eyes. What would I do with a third one?

    Popeye – Go on then. Let’s see what you’ve got.

    Paddy – Funnily enough, I also had a hankering for a harpsichord. For a start, I think it would be a great instrument to play rock on? I fancy myself as a plucker!!

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