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  1. Just out of curiosity – could you brew something from thistle?
    Since you have to get rid of it anyway. Could as well put to a good use.

  2. The Russians used to (and possibly still do) make vodka from petroleum byproducts. If you can do that, you can do anything.

  3. Apparently you can use milk thistle to treat or prevent liver damage caused by drugs or toxic chemicals. Handy! My mother in law reckons it also cures warts.

  4. Potcheen – Not only will it dissolve your liver, it’ll also transform you vehicle into a jet car! 🙂 Save a few bottles for me too!

  5. Grandad, you’ve been tagged! 🙂 You better have more than ten liters of Chateau do Head Rambles made up when I come over. 🙂

  6. Grandad, you’ve already come up with the perfect name for your thistle brew – ‘Flamin’ Nora’.

    Reminds me of my hometown. We had a bigger turn out when the local police used to burn all of the electric-spinach crops they’d confiscated from the market gardeners than for the Christmas pageant. They ended up having to throw old tyres on the bonfire so that folk’d stop standing downwind for a free high. *sigh*, those were the days….

  7. That’s true! I saw a poster about the prohibition of some dodgy thistle weed in the Garda station recently and wondered what it was all about. There’s something they’re not telling us, isn’t there?

  8. There is quite a list of ‘noxious weeds’ that have to be controlled. Electric spinach isn’t on the list, so we are OK.

    I remember once seeing a newspaper photo of the Gardai burning a crop they’d found in Wexford. They were all standing downwind and looking very happy!

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