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  1. you know it’s the shoes.

    recently, my wife has been telling me to splash out on that Gumstix computer (a computer the size of a stick of gum!) and some more hard-drives “because you keep whining about needing more space”.

    I also notice the frequency at which she reads bits and pieces out-loud from ebay has increased at a linearly equal rate…

  2. Pah, consumer nonsense. I have a wife and a map for when we go to France, she rarely breaks or needs software upgrades and she wasn’t made in a sweatshop in China. Now I do have a handheld GPS for hiking, but that is simply because the wife won’t go hiking. And that was a gift, I didn’t buy it.

    I’d guess the shoe theory.

  3. Andrew – I am thinking of cutting that one out and pasting it on the windscreen. Will it work like that?

    Kae – I never trust her when she urges me to buy some gimmick. She’s up to something. But what?

    Thrifty – Herself once did the mapreading on the way to a place in Donegal. We ended up in Belgium. She’s not the best at mapreading…

  4. Waste of money, Grandad.

    I saw a couple about a wedding two weeks ago. “I’ll give you directions”, I said.

    “Oh, no”, said he, “I don’t need them. I have the satnav.”

    They arrived twenty minutes late having spent half an hour circling the neighbourhood.

  5. Grandad,It’s a good job you didn’t have this Ned Ludd attitude to new technology when PC’s came out. You would still be fixing roofs !

  6. Ahhh – it’s sweet that she wants to make sure you find you’re way home – surprising – but sweet.

  7. Why get a GPS/SatNav kinda’ gadget when you can just let Sandy drive or call K8’s handy dandy Cab Service?

  8. Pi to ten decimal places? Are you familiar with the story of Ramanujan on his death-bed?

  9. You need pi to ten decimal places to calculate how far wrong the SatNav is to the nearest mile.

    The problem with the yokes is that they can’t think and believe everything that is programmed into them. I had friends bombing down a German autobahn one day when the Sat Nav told them to turn left – a road that went towards where they wanted was passing overhead – the problem was that the nearest junction was miles away. There was a piece in the Daily Telegraph last year about caravans becoming wedged between the walls either side of a lane in an English country village, because the drivers had just followed the instructions and had disengaged their brains.

  10. The sat nav that told a Boston truck driver to go left, go right but not to duck.Got his 18 wheeler stuck under a bridge in downtown Boston in rush hour.

  11. TT – I am still fixing roofs!!

    Flirty – Surprising??? Why? I’m a lovable old rogue at heart.

    Brianf – If I’m going to France, then Sandy can’t come. And K8’s rates are too high. She charges us at the full rate. Bitch!

    Bock – You have no idea of the problems I am going to pose on my death bed 😉

    Ian and June – I never trust these yokes to the last detail. Anyone who ends up stuck is a prat.

  12. I have one and find it useful and certainly it’d be great for the french trip, but day to day for normal driving it’s a waste of money

  13. I don’t know how effective they are, but they are the most annoying things EVER! I’ve never driven with anyone who has one who hasn’t ended up shouting at the stilted American lady and turning her off. But maybe your lady will be less annoying. Good luck!

  14. I refuse to share car journeys with ‘Nicole’…

    Hardly surprising really, three in a marriage rarely works! 😉

  15. Roy – That’s what I thought. I will probably end up using that other new technology… maps.

    JA – I’m used to annoying ladies. Some of those machines could be programmed with my own voice. Yech!

    Steph – Nicole was nice [if you mean Yer Wan from the ad?]. Three in a marriage does work, but only if Herself doesn’t find out.

  16. Spot on! Grandad. All men are infatuated with her.

    And that’s exactly why I refuse to allow her in the car unless she’s gagged! 😀

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