Dogsitting — 17 Comments

  1. Maybe you could send him next door to play with the builders. Lots of stuff for him to chew and demolish over there. Who knows, you may acquire a nail gun or something equally useful in the process.

  2. Ah, that explains all the potholes in the roads. That Wouldye has been having a great time throwing lots of rocks around. And hopefully the chewed up Discovery belonged to a tourist….

  3. S Mum – The builders are away for Easter. He’s not very fond of conrete. He prefers his food raw – A chunk of granite with a light sprinkling of limestone.

    Nick – Who cares who was driving the SUV? It was an SUV after all!!

    Paddy – You can’t teach this fella anything. He’s thick.

  4. 75% of all the original landrovers are still in service. They were proper vehicles. The new ones deserve nothing better than to be a chew toy, playthings of the sort of ponce who was organising meetings down your way. Go Wouldya!

  5. Thrifty – You have a point there. I think I’ll let him loose in the village later…

    Paddy – 😆 You’re asking for detention again.

  6. “He prefers his food raw”

    Jeez! Grandad

    I hope Wouldya didn’t run away with that ‘leg’ of yours!


    and thanks for all the brilliant entertainment at Head Rambles.

    You are a legend 😀

  7. Ashley – I robbed the photo from K8’s site, as you’ll see from the link. He’s lying on the couch opposite me at the moment and is snoring his head off.

    Steph – Happy Easter to you too [and to everyone..]. He wouldn’t dare. Sandy would have him!

  8. Snap! I have a useless retrieving dog. . .brilliant with rocks sticks leaves bark pizza delivery men but will it fetch the mail or my slippers . . hell no!

  9. Please post photos of havoc created in village after letting him loose! Perhaps you could send photos of the all-new-mangled-by-a-delinquent-hound-Discovery to it’s makers & ask them if they would like to a) redesign the vehicle & b) pay for the obvious trauma the dog has suffered thanks to their SUV 🙂

  10. Baino – He is now trying hard to bury a double decker bus in our garden. It’s not doing the lawn much good 🙁

    Jayne – I must bring the camera next time. Usually though when I try these things, there is so much chaos that I forget to photograph.

  11. Jayne – I heard Wouldye is already suing the car manufacturer for damages after he cut himself badly on the mangled side panel. Sue Grabbit and Runne are reckoning on a million euro plus costs.

  12. Go Wouldye! He’s my kind of dog. Bert won’t retrieve a bloody thing (except sheep, hares or anything remotely fluffy). I’d like one that could build a wall, though – useful.

  13. Betty – Yes. He has his good points.

    E Mum – He may be able to chew an SUV, but can he play tennis, drive a car or read Pride and Prejudice like our Sandy? Nah! I’ll take her any day.

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