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  1. As the muse for your Thursday post, the day for me was surreal. I got quite a few visitors more than usual. That was to be expected. Some hung about and had a good look around. Most skimmed the post yours referred to then buggered off. Presumably back here. To the site of the main battle so to speak. That too was to be expected.

    The comments made on my post were in no way out of the ordinary. I’ve never had to delete a single comment in almost two years.

    What was strange was I received a small number of emails from strangers. These were read and deleted. I didn’t deign them worthy of individual reply. I did however, address part of a comment to readers from other blogs clarifying my position. Note that it was not addressed to first time visitors – that was because the content of the mails referenced your post, either directly or indirectly, but not mine.

    As I say it was surreal.

  2. Take the Easter (pc Spring) weekend off Grandad. You have earned it. Come back Sunday? Heh.

  3. In schools Easter is now the spring holiday, Christmas the winter holiday, Hallowe’en the fall holiday. They are all Hallmark holidays to apply to all. Eventually, without their original names; their origin will be forgotten or at least ignored. It’s as if the new religion, commecialism, is replacing Christianity as surely as Christianity replaced Pagan religions.Yeah, Hallowe’en survived, but as a mockery of itself. Although when I was in Mexico I was pleasantly surprised to see it was alive and well.Apparently I was born on The Day of the Dead.Dia del Meurtos sp?

  4. Hi Grandad,

    I find the blogging therapeutic. Gets the head in some sort of order and acts as an outlet for thoughts.

    I suppose a lot of the stuff I write is work related anyway and there are only about twenty regular readers who know what to expect. I only once refused to publish a comment, a Republican making a sectarian comment.

    Some bloke back on New Year’s day told me that I didn’t know what I was talking about, and that he didn’t read blogs anyway!

  5. Grandad,

    It’s the Vernal Equinox, a full moon and the celebration of the resurrection of a man who was hung on a cross for stating out loud that the world might be a whole lot better if people started being nice to each other for a change.

    Unusual things are bound to happen.

    Your last post touched on a couple of nerves. Happens you know. As it stands you had two folks who were offended and you got one apparent convert out of them. That plus you and the rest of us I think may have surprised the other in that:

    1. You didn’t toss her off.
    2. We didn’t burn her skin off via massive retaliation.
    3. Actually listed her site address and even said some of us were interested in what she had to say. At the very least she now has something to think about.

    Not a bad round about at all in my opinion. Glad I woke up enough to participate.

    And don’t post when you got nothing to say. That’s why my blog has gone all to shit. 😛

  6. Grandad…for what it’s worth, I just want you to know that you have this Yankee-over-the-shoulder-boulder-holder’s full support!
    And I hope you have a lovely Easter!

  7. Grandad i think blogging is the last FREE press, meaning you can post if and what you want to and we can read if we want to. If we don,t like what your writing then we can go somewhere else.I will be back,ty .

  8. Sneezy – Sorry about that! I never expected such a reaction. I hope you weren’t too badly affected?!

    TT – Thanks for the break. 😉

    Ian – You blog is always a pleasure to read. You always make me think. It’s a little oasis in the stormy seas that I create sometimes.

    Kirk M – Yes. A full moon and a vernal equinox. Bound to have repurcussions.

    Olga and June – Thanks! Have a great Easter…

  9. Affected? Me? No. Other than a bit little bit pissed off that folks wouldn’t post a comment (which I would have let sit) but emailed me instead. My blog I ignore most of the day – my mail is my lifeline and I can’t.

    But, to answer the original question (now that things have settled – hopefully): The alternative is Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday, Monday. Simple as that.

  10. I’m with you on the no censorship rule. I’ve only ever deleted spam and again, a comment that was offensive to another commenter. And I completely agree with June . . don’t like what you see . . then move on! Cheers and happy Easter, enjoy that leg of lamb! We’re going Italian!

  11. Kirk M – Convert? What convert? I thought it was only the clergy who made converts….

  12. Clergy do conversions? Not this one. People have to decide for themselves; think for themselves, make up their own minds. That’s where the church gets it wrong – it thinks it can think for people.

    The whole PC thing is rooted in an assumption that a certain world view is the only one and that everyone must adhere to it. It’s like the 1950s church.

  13. Sneezy – I had to think about your original question [having been lost in the mire] and then it dawned on me – the weather. Yes. I completely agree.

    Baino – It is defrosting in the fishpond as I type….

    Nick – Mercedes make converts too. [Or is that convertibles?]

    Ian – I hope you have a great sunrise!

  14. I try to write something every day, a lot of the time it’s crap but like someone said earlier……… it’s therapeutic

  15. Roy – I agree about the therapeutic value. I’m going through a dry patch at the moment, but the main thing is trying to make serious progress with the book.

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