The need for security — 21 Comments

  1. Paddy – Differeny Barbies all the time. You know the old saying – when the cat’s away……..

    The gate is an old one that I hammered together years ago. I’m great at mending fences too.

  2. Green Ink – I have just sorted the focus. It’s not the Heimlich manoeuvre. I didn’t know you could do that with a garden insecticide sprayer?

  3. Is that a manually pumped garden insecticide sprayer?

    I hope it’s the new plastic variety …. the old brass type might be a little cold on Barbie’s delicate areas!

  4. not at all …. inflation is a personal thing …. inflation/deflation ….. depends on the sprayer! and the sprayee! :mrgreen:

  5. no … different story altogether …. that was about the cost of filling the brown envelopes rising dramatically ….

  6. Looks like the nice young man in the picture is about to surprise his missuz with a lovely new potted plant… what a thoughtful feller!

  7. Paddy – Thanks for explaining that. I went out and pumped up my car tyres by 2%

    TT – The second is now as good as the first. I can’t post it though. It will appear shortly when I have my Pay Per View site up….

    K8 – Is it an aspidistra?

  8. Wait, that’s a picture of that legendary “two backed beast” isn’t it? I remember a couple of guys named Rabelais and Othello talking that one. Pretty rare I hear.

    You could be onto something with those video camera’s.

    By the way, “waiting for” is grinding your site to a halt when flipping from one page to another. You might want to send them a threatening letter telling them to shape up or this out of focus photo will be sent to people who shouldn’t see it.

  9. @ Thrifty LOL!!!!

    Grandad, you got me back – ’til I who sprayed Hubby’s laptop with Merlot this time!! You are a one. Hee hee!

  10. Kirk M – I had my suspicions about Odiogo [and the neighbours] for a while, and have disabled it [but not the neighbours].

    Thrifty – It is called security. CCTV. They’re everywhere. Why should you assume porn? You have a dirty mind.

  11. E Mum – “tis I who sprayed Hubby’s laptop with Merlot this time

    I’m not paying for that! It’s not my fault if you can’t control yourself?

  12. Hey, I know that gate… Come to think of it, that horizontal blur looks a lot like the missus… looks like she’s bouncing our young lad on her knee again. She always makes great time for the little fella! Wow Grandad, does this mean we’re neighbours?

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