How much is a blog worth? — 13 Comments

  1. English Mum – It’s better than a kick in the arse?

    Robert – Apparently my blog is worth somewhere between €50 and €50m. Take your pick. Throw a dart?

  2. I feel the same, Steph. Anyway, it’s not the blog [anyone can start one of them], it’s the writer. And I’m not for sale [unless the price is right, of course].

  3. I’m really impressed, Grandad. I have two blogs. One (Never too Late!) is worth $13,548.96 and the other (Write Your Life!) only $8,468.10. I admit that my blogs aren’t very clever or popular. Oh, well. They are priceless to me. Still, I want to know where to apply for that money!


  4. To be quite honest, Marlys, I was quite surprised myself! It’s only a bit of fun. I can’t really see the point in selling a blog anyway. An author can sell their name, but when the first new book comes out, the public will know they’ve been duped.

  5. GD, you’re right, it IS better than a kick in the arse, and we bloggers do it for the lurve and not for the money. Anyway, yours is hugely better than mine so it’s only fair, natch.

  6. Anyway, yours is hugely better than mine so it’s only fair, natch.

    Rubbish! Where would I be if I couldn’t follow Bertie’s antics?

  7. English Mum – Give Bertie a drool from me xx. [P.S. I hope you and Robert B are getting on well together?]

    Ian – I wouldn’t put it past her!

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