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  1. Nope not anywhere near me. Damn, looks as if I missed a great discussion on Saturday. Will have to check blogs at the weeekend now.

  2. Maybe it’s the winter blues. Lack of seratonin which leads to depression and a lacklustre feeling. It’s a real condition called SAD, seriously, I kid you not! This fortunately can be cured by working in a well lit and bright environment or an hour of sunshine a day. (ah right . . small poblem there)

    Then again, after the gun debate, you’re probably exhausted you poor thing and need a change of pace. Take a Nurofen and have a little lie down! You’ll feel much better in the morning.

    Alternatively, check all the usual places . . under the bet, back of the sofa, dog kennel, under the mattress, behind the fridge and wherever it is that odd socks go.

  3. I know all about SAD! I’m sitting in a round window, that is three-quarters of a circle. I have glass all around me, and the sun is shining in my eyes.

    I might have a lie down later, though the chair is so comfy, I usually doze here.

    I tried all the places you mentioned [though I hadn’t thought of looking under the bet]. If I knew where odd socks went, I wouldn’t be wearing odd socks now.

    I take it Fred isn’t in your site then?

  4. Gosh, one of my readers suggested that I’m suffering form post-holiday depression (judging from some of my posts)! I don’t have much of a sense of humor anyway (or so I’ve been told), so I’m not the one to help you. Hang in there, though. Things always look better in the spring.

  5. I bet you haven’t lost it, you just think you have!

    It’s like when I used to wear glasses and I’d be wearing them whilst asking people had they seen them. Thank God for contact lenses. Although, I have on occasion tried to drunkenly remove my lenses after a night out, when in fact I’d already taken them out and so I was just actually trying to pull off my own cornea. Fun times.

  6. Marlys – I’m suffering from post-holiday elation! No more Christmas advertisements! No more people telling me to be jolly!
    I’m fine. The daffodils are up and the snowdrops will soon be in bloom. The days are getting longer. Normally I keep my sense of humour in my back pocket so I don’t lose it. But it’s gone missing……

    Annie – I have searched everywhere. It’s definitely not there. I’ve done the glasses trick a few times myself, but I’ve never tried to remove a cornea. Sounds painful!

  7. Grandad, I don’t have to search – I know Fred’s not hiding in my site!

    It sounds to me like you might have a case of SOHF there

    The solution? Change your routine and write the daily ditty after lunch?

    What are you on about anyway? There’s always loads of black hairy stuff to be found at Headrambles 😉

  8. I lost my reason, nerve, sanity, respect, head and my favourite odd sock. You should be grateful for small mercies.

  9. You still are funny, its just you don’t know it at the moment because you’re over worked, which makes you more funny in a way. But not for long, so take a rest if you can. Don’t worry. If you’re shite or not funny any more you’ll know, because we’ll have stopped coming and strangers will flick things at you in restaurants. If you get all serious, worried and introspective you will only perpetuate this inevitable process. *flick*

  10. Steph – That video is about the U.K. They don’t have my kind of humour these days. Not since the Fawlty Towers days, anyway. I can’t write in the afternoon as that is Book Time.

    Sneezy – You could be right. If I come across any of those, I’ll let you know.

    Grannymar – Actually, I think you may have something there. Maybe it has crept into my word processor? I’ll look for it there.

    Welcome Mister Blister [I don’t think we’ve met?]. Overworked, overstressed – what’s new? As for being introspective? The nearest I get to that is examining the fluff in my navel. [Why is it always blue?] I shall look out for breadcrumbs on my keyboard.

  11. How long does a sense of humour have to be missing before it can legally be assumed to be dead? If it doesn’t turn up, perhaps you should have a proper funeral with a wake and everything. That way you can have closure, and go through the various (Kubler-Ross defined) stages of grieving process. You could demand that everyone attend the wake dressed like members of Monty Python’s Silly Party, which would be only fitting, I think. Perhaps you’d even find a new sense of humour and start a relationship with that one.

    I’ll bet you accidentally recycled it with the last newspaper in which you read an article about your health minister.

  12. Karyn – Seven years, I suppose? I think I may have to nip down to the Mahon Tribunal and buy a new one. If the old one turns up, then I’ll have two.

    I rarely read articles about our health minister, usually because I have barfed all aver the page if there’s a photo of her. And Fred always goes into hiding if she’s around anyway.

  13. Steph – You’ll have to wait for the book. I keep having to interrupt it to answer comments! It’s really very dull and boring anyway. Sandy is welcome to it. She has already eaten one manuscript, so I had to start again from scratch.

  14. I wouldn’t put it past the b*st*rd.
    No. On second thoughts, he wouldn’t recognise humour if it was dished up on a plate and decorated with parsley.

  15. I’ve looked in Bertie’s bed and I can assure you he doesn’t have it. Several other nameless furry black things in there, but no SOH. I bet you had a boy look. If I have to come and find it there’ll be trouble…

  16. English Mum – You had me confused for half a second, but then that’s what comes of having a leader named after a dog.

    Don’t you start on the ‘boy look’ thing. I find more things in this house than Herself. And she is worse at losing things than I am.

  17. hmmmm…Fred may be aboard.

    I’ll look but I can’t promise anything – it’s a very large ship…

  18. Grandad, you seem to have forgotten you sent me your sense of humour for servicing a couple of weeks ago as it was under-performing. I’ve given it a total overhaul, it’s now functioning perfectly and I’ve just popped it in the post for you. What do you mean, have I done it for free? You and your sense of humour, ha ha.

  19. Grandad,

    I have pondered this all day and think I might know where Fred has gone.

    The personal columns are always looking for GSOH and I assume Fred would regard himself as being a Good Sense Of Humour. All you need do is to contact everyone in the personal columns looking for GSOH. Fred must be with one of them.

    This will not only locate Fred but give you plenty of material for blogging!

  20. Try a few episodes of Fr. Ted
    or Fawlty Towers
    or Harold Lloyd
    or Monty Python
    or a few old radio episodes from the marvellous days of Jimmy O’Dea and Maureen Potter.
    They have no compunctions about stealing Fred and will give him back if you listen long enough….

  21. Doc – The exercise will do you good.

    OFTR – If you think I’m going to look up there…!!!!!!!

    Nick – I suppose you are going to charge me for a new gearbox and set of wheels that I didn’t need?

    Ian – Very good thinking. But I can’t write to any of them because I don’t have a GSOH. What are you doing reading the personal columns anyway?

    Wisewebwoman – Truly you are wise. I tried that and it worked brilliantly. Unfortunately, I accidentally also saw five seconds of ‘Ugly Betty’ so I’m back to square one.

  22. Fred stopped by while I was trying to revive my interest in…well…anything. He tried to cheer me up a bit but stopped after he saw it was futile. He left shortly thereafter along with my own battered sense of humor which had become downright disgusted with my lousy attitude of late and last I heard they were looking for a tavern with a good bar band, several good looking, unsuspecting, sufficiently tipsy women willing to be taken advantage of and several droughts of something strongly alcoholic.

    If they happen show up again I’ll tell Fred you’re looking for him otherwise I think I’ll head out and see if I can find them. I could use a few shots of something strongly alcoholic. I could use those other things as well.

  23. Say a prayer to St. Anthony. That’s what my mom use to tell me to do.
    Did you look in your beard? It may have just slipped out for a quick pint or two, ya’ know.

  24. KirkM – He’s certainly travelling around. Maybe he’ll cheer yours up and come back. If so, could you mail Fred beck to me please?

    Brianf – St. Anthony has be barred. I like your new patriotic flag!

  25. Grandad,

    Fred stopped back early this morning carrying my sense of humor on his shoulder saying he was alright for a Yank but couldn’t hold his liquor. He also said they had a hell of a night but it was worth it and if my sense of humor happens to mention the name “Tina Tinkle and her devices of delight” just to tell him it never happened.

    Fred says to tell you that he’s on his way back, that he feels much better and that he’s going to make a side trip before coming home to pee on Bertie’s ankle (I’m surprised no one has shot that one yet).

    He should show up anytime after that.

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