Crabs and Spiders — 11 Comments

  1. Grandad,

    No harm to the judges, but three of those are simply websites – I’m not sure how a website devoted to ‘beauty’ tips can count as a blog.


  2. Hello !!! Has anyone seen the wonderful job that Ron did on my site – totally worth a spider or crab.

  3. Congratulations on your nomination. Funnily enough we have been moaning about the awards on our blog for a while now too. Not sure they read it. We also set up an internet award as a form of protest at ridiculous entry fees etc.
    Anyway, its good to have discovered your blog.


  4. Ian – In fairness to, they are a blog, in that they post articles every day. The subject matter may not be to your taste or mine, but that’s our problem. [I’m assuming you are not into cosmetics and beauty treatments?]. BalconyTV is a bit strange though…..?

    Grannymar – I’m going to give them away as wedding presents.

    Robert – I wish I could claim credit, but I can’t. On seconds thoughts, I have better things to be doing than comparing websites…

    Flirty – This has nothing to do with Ron. It is my brilliance as a blogger that is shining, not his mediocre performance as a designer.

  5. Hi Stephen! congratulations![?] Maybe they are keeping their friends close, and their enemies closer still? It’s weird that we both knocked them, and both get nominated. Once more, I am left wondering what the hell their criteria are?

    Any chance your Small Indian Girl could pick up my award, if necessary? In return, I’ll grant you a Golden Crab?

  6. Yep – time to start getting bitter and twisted again. Some beardy git in Dublin is beating me hands down. At everything.

    Great post Grandad and see you at the NetVis next week 🙂


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