Golden Crab Awards — 14 Comments

  1. I’ll throw in a couple of copies of Microsoft Office 4.3 as bonus prizes. I found them cleaning up the other day. The winners must have a floppy disk drive though because each copy comes on 34 floppy disks.

  2. I’d like to nominate the new-look Irish Independent website for …
    a) making it virtually impossible to locate anything in it’s archive. By removing the simple calendar they used have they managed to take navigability to an all time low.
    b) still having a dedicated section on Election 2007. It’s long over folks.
    c) trying to wreck my head with fekin popups. Don’t they know we block them?
    d) having begun a blogs section. Fek off lads, that’s our job.

  3. Thanks Robert. Much appreciated. I might have a copy of DOS 2.1 lying around somewhere too.

    Sneezy – Just write to ’em and tell them they’ve won!

  4. Grannymar – Hold onto the abacus. Calculators are only a passing fad.

    Grab yourself an award and stick it on your site – “The original and best podcaster in Ireland”

  5. Grandad,

    When is Ron back from his travels? I need him to look at my site. Technorati spiders can’t find it and Irish Blogs find the odd page about three months after its posted – I think I must have something wrong.

    I think my punters might take exception to a Silver Haired logo on my page!

    I assume your absence from the Net tonight means you are down the pub. I was going to say that if you saw Dick in the bar to tell him that I would buy him a coffee sometime next week

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