Fish pies and blackmail — 17 Comments

  1. Please do not say anything nasty about their delicious pies. At lease not until after they have refused my kind offer.

  2. Grandad the fish pie sounds good….but minty pea soup? I am thinking a cross between toothpaste and peas? Please tell me I am wrong.


  3. Sorry Laurie, you got caught it my Jedi Filter.

    Actually they are called Pea and Minty soup. My mistake. Minty as in mint sauce, not minty as in toothpaste.

    All their products are great – they’re just like this blog [guaranteed additive and preservative free].

    They are delicious [pending a reply from Cully and Sully, of course].

  4. I think you crashed their server.

    I click and get nothing I don’t think that I know what a fish pie is.

    I know what a cow pie is.

  5. Come Grandad, aren’t you selling yourself a bit cheap here! You should be talking BIG bucks. Those missiles ain’t gonna come cheap!

    But you can let them know that you’re doing a great job with marketing their products already. I am a victim of your cunning strategies. Would love to try out the grub you’re speaking so highly of. Minty peas or peaty mints or whatever it was.

  6. I probably did, Sue. See how much trade I send their way?

    Their fish pie is a load of fish [prawns, Alaskan hake, haddock] mixed up with mushrooms and butter in a creamy sauce. This is covered in creamy mashed potato, and comes in a lovely little ceramic bowl. Just pop it in the oven and away you go. Absolutely fantastic.

    If you click on the Cully & Sully category in the sidebar, you’ll see some of the problems I’ve been having with the number of bowls we’ve collected though.

    Of course, if they don’t sponsor me, then the pies are disgusting.

  7. Foreigner – Unfortunately, they don’t export, as far as I know. Maybe I can persuade them to go into the export business with all the trade I’m pushing their way.

    And you’re right. €100,000 p.a. [index linked]

  8. sounds…er, creamy.

    think my tastes run more to the Pooh ice cream, thanks.

    p.s. now i think about it, these pot pies witht their buttery, creamy sauce are begining to sound suspiciously like..yes, that’s it: Serena’s Secretions! Why you dodgy ol’ fart!

  9. I hate to disappoint you Grandad but I saw a survey of ‘own brand’ fish pies some months ago and the Cully & Sully one only came in 2nd! The winner was the fish pie from the M&S Gastro-Pub range of food. I tried it out and I’m afraid I have to agree with the survey – it was equally tasty, much less sloppy and had decent chunks of identifiable fish in it – and I haven’t bought a Cully & Sully one since. I recommend you grit your teeth (if you’ve any left) and venture into Marks and Sparks to put my theory to the test.

    I guess I just lost you the C&S contract! I do like their ‘Mild Chicken Curry’ though and their mushroom soup is DELICIOUS!

  10. Don’t be disgusting Doc… How can you think of food and make-up in the same sentence?

    Steph – I’ll have to take your word for it about the fish. M&S don’t have a branch up the mountains.

  11. Hiya John! I’ve been waiting for some stranger to walk up to me at the coffee shop and say “Howya Grandad” like you said you would! Where have you been?

  12. If I may …

    Somebody recently said to me:
    I’ll find you in Dublin when we arrive …

    To which I responded,
    ‘Yes, among the million or so inhabitants. ‘

    So if John does find you, it’ll prove he’s in the CIA.

  13. Hi Grandad, just wanted to say what a clever thing you’ve done. Maybe instead of looking to C&S for sponsorship you should outsource your services to all those companies who are spending thousands trying to do what you’ve done for free. You get my vote in the netvisionaries btw. Hews

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