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  1. Forget about twink. Whatever happened to Maxi? Wasn’t it Rapid Roulette that she used to present?

    She used to be a fine thing as far as I can recall.

  2. Good post… let me know if you get a link to the audio because I didn’t hear it. Ireland has given it’s collective opinion on Twink several times, but RTE still haven’t got the message.

  3. Robert – Ah! Maxi!! I knew her well in my RTE days [unfortunately, not in the Biblical sense though]. Still as fine as ever.

    Thanks James. There should be a link up later, or tomorrow. If so, I’ll add it to the post above.

  4. Is it possible they were thinking of Twink when they said that PMS was called PMS because Mad Cow was already taken?

  5. A fella in my class once had to drink a carton of sour milk as punishment. he left it in the window with the sun shining on it. it took him about 2 hours to drink it and that was one of the better punishments

  6. Fek Shane Hegarty- Joe Duffy had her on Liveline. Well, he didn’t actually have her. was better.

    Oh, and I don’t blame the parents, I blame the mothers and fathers, I do.

  7. Since nobody asked, where is Dick?

    Glad the brain is back. Are you sure it is yours and not a tourist one Sandy dragged in?

  8. Now lets be fair > Twink suggested she would know the mother and father of every child likely to appear in a talent show.
    What we didnt get was Twink’s errudite sense of classical music . Did’nt she abandon Ireland for the Uk some years bacl – Ireland being too small for such a gargantuan talent such as hers. Then she came back and they rather charitably gave her a spot in panto. But I thought it a bit much for rte to throw 2 brassy harridans back at us in the same show – Graine Seoige and Adell King -aka Twink.
    Hers is a study of restraint and decorum . Any child contemplating a life in entertainment should be made listen to this and the previous utterances about her ex husbands .lets just say the organ behind his zip

  9. with a voice that sounds like osama’s beard Twink should do us all a favour and crawl down that manhole – and bring the sassy Seoige with her

  10. Why is rter the last repositary for dead beats. they used to refer to these places as elephants graveyards ; but Im talking here about Twink ; and I feel for elephants.
    Shes been in Pantomime when in fact she was the pantomine ; been the mammy in the house when she was the deranged nannie ; and now they take her back to adjuducate on classical musucians . Maybe i’ve been watching all the wrong programmes but Ive never seen her play or even discuss cogently a classical piece. But maybe she considers all the graduates of her school to be classicists > maybe . Just a thought
    Go back down the manhole Twink . I’ll have someone weld the lid

  11. Could we put Twink and O Seoige out to grass
    They both could do with a year on the high slopes over Maamturk

  12. Twink is both the Shirly Temple and the Dianna Durban of Irish Tv
    We should treasure this lady, as we have no Maureen Potter now.
    Zip Away I say Twink

  13. Twink is the Ahirly TYemple and Bassey of our time
    we should treasure in the national museum; Mummified

  14. Donmacnamara – Make your mind up!

    Sue – You serious? There’s a job here for you anytime on RTE.

    Ian – Joanna Lumley doesn’t require quite the same quantities of Pollyfilla and concrete before she looks presentable. [I believe Sisk do Twink’s make-up?]

  15. I has to play it both ways as my initial comment was erased .
    But Im back now.
    Yes the putty faced harridan and the sassy self confident ladette from connemara – Twink and Seoige
    And to think I pay a licence to watch these two pretentious self preenng poseurs . It hurts I tell you It hurts
    Bring back Gaybo and all that sort of thing dont you know my friends..or Seorse agus Beartly – anything other than this loathsome duet.

  16. she’s back with that other old crone of irish tv ; what a pair twink and linda martin.
    twink has developed her plummy accent in order to distance herself from the true personna ; the fishmonger with the witches tongue – see zip up your mickey – u tube
    the hillarious play is about the menopause ; these two have long passed that stage – theyre both such dreadful spiteful and talnetless old hags they should be hoisted from the top of the spire for halloween
    but that might frighten the horses

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