Virtue is its own award — 16 Comments

  1. Congratulations, Grandad!

    I wish you were going to the awards ceremony.

    I think Sandy would look splendid in Black Tie.

    And, if you drove up to the venue on your new “Bike” , you would be the hit of the evening.

    Maybe Sandy could drive and you could arrive in the box.

    The little yellow box on the front will be perfect for carrying your award(s) home.

  2. Thanks, Nancy.

    I haven’t worn a tie in years. I don’t need to with the beard being so long now.

    Sandy says she’d be only too happy to drive me there on the trike. She doesn’t drink much so she’ll be safe to drive me home after.

  3. Grandad,

    I wore a tie in April.

    I thought you might take a table at the awards ceremony. I got an invitation to a dinner recently offering me the opportunity to take a table for ten at €2500. I’d want most of the furniture in the room for that price.

  4. Flirty – You mean a blog is supposed to have a ‘strategic vision’? Is that where I’m going wrong?

    Nancy – Have a good trip and keep clear of the Toy Boys.

    Ian – Yup. This one is €2,500 a table as well. Seeing as you saved on the last one, you can afford to sponsor my table this time around?

  5. Congratulations …. while the legitamcy of some of those awards are suspect, you’re not going around waving it in people’s faces. (Or are you??)

    Anyway, my dad got a big heavy statue of Cuchulainn when he retired. It’s has a crow on his shoulder, and it’s a great paperweight.

  6. Hi Daz.

    I agree about some of the awards, but the NetVisionary Award would be a nice one. And of course I’m bragging about my nomination. I’ve damn all else to brag about.

    When I left RTE I got a statue too. She’s out there by my pond peeing in the water. She is a great memento – just standing there endlessly recycling the same old stuff!!!

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