I'm a Schmoozer and I didn't know it — 23 Comments

  1. Well deserved!

    Soon you will have to add an Awards page to your Blog! How many is it now?

    Remember to dust them daily.

  2. Grannymar – I’m waiting for the Oscar and the Pulitzer first.

    Manuel – Actually, you were next on my list, but as a professional, you’re disqualified.

  3. Sniffle…. I gratefully accept this award. I’d like to thank …. my agent…. my parents without them I wouldn’t be here and finally, I’d like to thank God…… for not existing. Cheers Grandad it’ll take pride of place on me mantle piece, or at least in my new Awards section in the blog when I get around to creating it.

  4. Come now, Grandad, surely you knew in your heart that you were a schmoozer, even if the term itself is new. Could it be that yearly pilgrimage to the Blarney Stone? Or do you have some of the “water of life” with breakfast?

  5. Tis true, Grandad. You are the magnate of the blogosphere. 🙂

    I must reprise Diane’s question. Is the Blarney Stone your secret? 🙂

    I knew I forgot to do something, when I was traveling through Cork. 🙂

  6. Nominated? Well we all know how we really feel about nominations.
    Let me know when I win. (And if there is a cash prize.)

  7. Once again, I was called away by urgent duties [translation – Herself nagged me].

    Diane – I never thought of myself as a ‘schmoozer. I was useless at chatting up the women!


    I have never even seen the Blarney Stone, let alone kissed it! Though I used to play traditional music in Dirty Nellie’s [pub next door to Blarney Castle]…

    And I haven’t touched a drop of the Hard Stuff in ages. Actually, that’s not true. There is a bottle on the floor here, and I keep accidentally kicking it.

    Jefferson – see above.

    Sixty – For that… you have won! No prize except that you can secretly bask in the glory. Or you can brag about it to your friends [if any] but they will think you are strange.

    Manuel – I know an old pro when I see one.

  8. I wonder if there is an “anti-Blarney” stone? For example one that takes away the gift of the gab?

    If there is I must bring herself to it. Maybe it’s a pregancy thing but she can’t stop talking at the moment. At all!

  9. I tried but she keeps wriggling out of the rope that I use to bind her hands and taking the gag off. Needless to say this leads to a whole load more talking. in much greater volume too of course.

    She’s at work now so I’m enjoying the temporary peace and quiet 😉

  10. Robert – The simplest way to get peace and quiet is to find her another woman to talk to. Leave them waffling away and you go off and have a pint.

  11. Son!

    I am…speechless.

    Honored, floored, amazed and probably undeserving, not having shmoozed in a while (my dang city government is trying hard to mess up a mass transit plan so my dander’s been up for the last little while), but grateful.

    A father often dreams of times like these but usually only gets a stick in the eye…

    Grandad, you are -of course- well deserving of the nomination and all a father could hope for.

    Did I mention I was speechless?

  12. Ah there you go Dad! I always say that a family should stick together.

    Though I wish you hadn’t used the word ‘floored’!

    Are you always so verbose when you’re speechless, or only when you have something to say?

    Your Loving Son…

  13. Verbose?

    Well, that’s interesting. SWMBO was just saying this morning over breakfast (eggs over easy, english muffins, jam and some smoked ham steaks that were a meal in themselves, really…and wasn’t that coincidental, your aside this morning, about the knacker’s I mean? sure, and I was eating that great ham steak thinking to myself that I needed to go back and read the entire link so as to determine whether or not the pig [or hog] that was gracing my plate was serviced by a knacker or if he was just thrown on a great bloody pile at some corporate bacon headquarters by a {probably temporary} employee until it was time to rend his fat, pork his butt and otherwise make him tasty) that she thought I might tend, upon ocassion, to be overlong in my comments.

    Well…what does she know?


  14. This schmoozing is really taking off! Out of 11 blogs that I use firefox as a feed reader no less than 6 of them are now nominated schmoozers!

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