The fans have hit the S.H.I.T. — 16 Comments

  1. Robert,

    Yes, it was startling, wasn’t it ?

    Especially, the damned black cat running across the bottom of the screen.

    What do they mean by the Wages of Sin? You get paid to break the Commandments? How much? Let me know. There are a few I will break for nothing. Been doing it for years. But I sure would like to get paid if possible.
    For Instance:

    How much for Coveting my neighbor’s goods?

  2. D’you like it, Robert? Good. Isn’t it? They wanted a site that stood out.

    The black panther was my idea, Nancy. Do you like the way he only runs backwards?

    And forget his goods… How much do I get for coveting my neighbour’s wife?

  3. You need to get in order to get a good presence on the internet. Unfortunately isn’t available, so mightn’t be an option 🙂


  4. Nancy – No. Too big. Get a smaller car.

    Paul – All my sites are unforgettable….

    Niall – Do you think I need it? Can I not my site on Geocities?

    Grannymar – I might, if I could ever pluck up the courage to tell Dick.

    Doc – You’re moaning again. I don’t like squatters in my garden shed who moan.

  5. Okay, Grandad, the guy on the other side of me has a Ford Fiesta.

    I don’t really covet it a lot, but maybe a hundred bucks worth.

  6. Nice Grandad.

    That first link has put that hymn into my head

    “Mine eyes have seen the gory..”

    You’ll be humming it all week now.

  7. Scared the heck outa me, especially when the cat yeowed at me! You mean it was legit? Okay I’ll try and work up the nerve to go back in and check it out.

  8. Son…

    i was going to tell you this in an e-mail but I am so excited that I wanted to share: we are on our way over to live with you! Isn’t that great?

    Don’t worry about you sleeping in the shed – I’ve already made the monetary arrangements and you will be well pleased I feel. We should arrive just before Christmas.

    Your Ol Dad

    p.s. Little K, our 4 year old, is very much looking forward to having a big brother teach her to shoot tourists: rest up!!!

  9. Nancy – Fiestas are nice [I’ve had two of ’em]. Just go in and take it.

    Daz – Of course I did. You know how honest I am.

    SID – There you go now! I have you singing hymns. I knew the site would be effective…

    Hoof – It scared you? Try Prozac.

    Doc – Either you’re losing the plot again, or you are very generous. Thanks for the £20,000,000. It arrived safely in my account this morning.

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