Put out your Recycle bin for collection on Fridays — 12 Comments

  1. Quit worrying!
    If you want something to worry about think of all the rockets Russia has pointed at us or all the starving children in China. That’s what my Mom use to tell me. My Dad use to say, “Oh hush or I’ll give you something to cry about”. Now quit worrying or I’ll give ya’ something to cry about.

  2. The reason I worry about things like this is that it stops me worrying about the really big issues in the world – like where has Herself hidden the frying pan?

  3. It’s being recycled as the name implies.

    When talking about Microsoft Windows, there is an old adage about Windows NT 4.0 which goes:

    “Your mouse has moved, you must restart Windows for the changes to take effect.”

  4. I think I need a reboot at the moment. My memory is corrupted. Anyone know where my Restart button is?

  5. it all gets recycled into the blogosphere, obviously….

    “Half my programmes insist that they want to complain to Microsoft because they are stuck.”

    That made me giggle, which is like google but with less porn…

  6. it all gets recycled into the blogosphere, obviously

    That explains why there is so much rubbish in the blogosphere?

  7. “it all gets recycled into the blogosphere, obviouslyâ€?

    And it has all landed on my knee!

  8. Bill Gates is a Prick.

    Don’t worry when you empty your recycle, it only has 0’s and 1’s, and they all go back to Gates.

  9. Grannymar – I’m psychic [as well as psychotic].

    Sixty – The problem is that when they go back to Gates, they all have little $ signs in front of them.

  10. Yes, they go back to Gates with BIG dollar signs on them,Grandad.

    Then the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation promptly sends millions of those dollars to charities and medical research labs all over the World. They do a lot of good with that money.

    They do more good than most Billionaires.

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