A change of underwear — 34 Comments

  1. The name is fine because it is very memorable.

    As for the colours, They are ok too nothing at all wrong.

    Like a lot of things there is no point in change for changes sake. Of course I’m saying that despite my own blog being on its fifth re-design or so but I finally found one I’m happy with.

    As for bowling that is a sign of defeat! You are still not old enough for it yet!!

  2. Re-design?

    It has a calming autumnal feel about it – a brownness around the edges, a mellow feel.

    Surely you don’t want something that would be more at home on Bebo?

    Avoid the bowling at all costs – it would drive you completely mad, bowling club arguments make Macchiavelli look like Jim Hacker

  3. a brownness around the edges, a mellow feel

    Sort of like myself?

    OK – 2 votes for no change, 2 votes against bowling [what’s wrong with bowling?]

    Bertie would have considered this a victory, but I’ll wait for another vote or two to be cast?

  4. Remodel if you wish, but I’d make 2 requests, one selfish and one for others…

    The selfish one: please don’t switch to light text on a dark background, I find it terribly hard to read and one of my headache triggers! 🙂

    The one for others: You currently use left-aligned text and not justified, please keep it that way as dyslexic people find justified text hard to read due to the differing size of spaces between the words.

    Personally, I’ve always loved plain and simple themes with light backgrounds, hence why I use plain white for mine.

  5. bowling smacks of effort and Grandad if we know just one thing about you its that you dont make an effort

  6. You can’t change the name, it is too fab!

    Can only suggest pink but not sure that is your colour.

  7. I like the less is more and the KISS principal. If it aint broke, don’t fix it.

  8. Welcome Mrs Parker!! 😉

    Personally, I hate white text on a dark background. Also justified text can look a bit weird, so I avaoid it unless I’m writing to my solicitor.

    @Sean – I could make the effort to find where you live and give you a hiding for that!

    @Flirty – Pink? PINK? What the hell do think I am? I’m a Grandad, not a Granny!!

  9. @Baino – I like the KISS principle too. But it has got me into trouble with Herself in the past when she found out.

  10. Another vote for no change — and no, I’m not bringing up the general election again! 🙁

    Definitely stay away from bowling, effortlessly or otherwise. It makes your fingers smell funny.

  11. Add yourself in a bikini into the design.

    I need a face lift too if you’re asking!!!!

  12. Make it all psychadelic and shit.

    Or are you a real Sixties dude??

    And maybe you could do with a new blog – worked wonders for me after all …

  13. grandad im younger and bigger than you and if you wont come to Canada to play golf surely you wont come here to get your ass kicked lol

    but if it would help I could pick you up at the airport

  14. You and Flirty just making work for Ron, while all he wants to do is go bowling?

  15. For Dave and K8, there is always this that you may have missed.

    @Daz – Sort of Sargent Pepper style? I could do that. Got any LSD?

    @Sean – Pick me up at 6.30am on Thursday.

    @Sneezy – Ron hates bowling. But he doesn’t mind messing around with websites. Just as well!

  16. The name’s excellent please don’t change. The site itself has an earthy grounding look which is very apt for most of your subject matter.

    I’ll definitely be remodelling mine during the week as it was only thrown together in a rush. Regardless of how yours looks Grandad, I’m sure it will still be worth a read.

  17. Stay as sweet as you are!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    If you must change colour try Sky Blue Scarlet.

  18. Okay grandad I will be driving a big red truck.

    Now should we just have the punch up in the parking lot so I can put you right back on the plane or would you prefer to try the hospitals here lol

  19. @Grannymar – Ahhhhhh! 🙂 Do you mean the colour of a thundercloud?

    @Sean – We’d better go somewhere private. I’d hate to see you humiliated in public in your own country.

  20. I think the theme is fine, for a site like this. And most of the wordpress themes out there would be either too bland of too flashy and it needs hours of sifting to get to the useful few.

  21. The strange thing I find about themes is there are thousands of them. But when I go looking for one, I can’t find one I like.

  22. I know the exact feeling. I have tried searching several times without any satisfactory results. Perhaps we get ‘conditioned’ to a theme that all others have a problem one way or the other.

  23. how very kind of you to think of me in your time of need

    it would be very hard on my heretofor unasailable reputation if it became known that i had a wee barney with an ancient soul from the auld sod.

    especially considering your decrepitude

    besides i could always tell the ambulance where to find you

  24. besides i could always tell the ambulance where to find you

    They won’t be interested. They’ll be too busy rushing you to intensive care.

    How in the name of all that’s holy did a post about a site redesign end up with me beating the sh*t out of a Canadian???????

  25. Being one of those awful Americans, I hesitate to add my two cents…oh wait, is that an Americanism? 🙂

    Anyway, I stumbled across your blog a few weeks ago and have found it lots of cranky fun. I wouldn’t change a thing…but then again, I’m an American, so what do I know?

  26. awww grandad though i know you are tall for an old fart i question whether you could raise your arthritic little paws high enough to kick the shit out of this canadian but i could send my big brother instead hes more your speed

  27. Hi Cat, and welcome.

    Americans aren’t awful [well, in general]. Some of my best Americans are friends. It’s Americanisms that get on my wick [and the fact that they can’t spell].

    And ‘two cents’ isn’t an Americanism any more since we changed to the Euro.

    @Sean – if you are such a wuss that you have to bring your big brother, then I’m bringing Tiddles

  28. well Grandad I was going to send my big brother because he is infact a lot smaller than me. He is just older i some time call him my big little brother but he has a huff about it

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