Thelma and Louise, Irish style — 9 Comments

  1. Lesson for today

    Bring a map.

    It is no joke. It is impossible to spend more than five minutes in the village without being asked for directions. Usually it’s to somewhere about 20 miles away.

  2. Next time I’m in the village please remind me not to ask you for directions to Gort or Belfast or Moscow.

  3. If you are in my village and want directions to Gort, Belfast or Moscow then you deserve to end up lost in the bogs [or over a cliff].

    Can anyone in this world read a map apart from myself?

  4. Evil!

    PURE EVIL!!!!!

    How did I grow up with any shred of sanity left in me at all?!?! I’m a miracle of science.

  5. What’s evil about that? If Yer Man drove too fast, then I have done the population a favour. If he drove carefully, them he will have enjoyed the view.

    Who says you are sane anyway?

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