Bowled over by Cully & Sully — 22 Comments

  1. Might i suggest that you take your favourite wee shotgun out and use the bowls for target practice.
    Being ceranic and all they should give a satisfyinf smash and crash when hit with your no doubt excelent marksmanship

    This would have the added benefit of saving the worlds endangered clay pigeons and would leave a few more breeding pairs in the wild

  2. That is a damn good idea!! Thank you Sean.

    And I can also leave loads up trees for clay pigeons to nest in.

    Thereby killing two birds with one stone?

  3. You could start your own business!

    You could advertise yourself as a revenge dealer. Anyone who’s been wronged in some way or dumped or fired or… some other 4th thing could contact you with their enemys address.

    You fill the bowl with dog poo with a little message attatched to it and post it off.

    This company already exists in the US and is quite successful. Seriously.

  4. LOL Grandad! They are lovely (not as good as my own though;-))… we too have eaten the fish pie with he free bowls! 🙂

    You would think they could do an exchange program… you know return your bowl get a euro off your next pie kind of thing… I think they pride themselves on being environmentally friendly… so maybe that’s a thought?

  5. Actually they do have a system. The details are on their site – the Free Bowls Association. They are a strange pair and I really like their style. They are very progressive. I wrote to them asking if I could add the letters FBA after my name, but haven’t heard back on that one.

    @Offspring – trust you to come up with that. Though it would solve the pile-of-poo-outside-my-gate problem. I’ll think about that one.

  6. Be gratefuk for what little you have, you may never know when you need it.|

    At least if there’s ever a national bowl shortage, we’ll know who to call.

    And when will Cully and Sully be extending their reach beyond the Pale?

  7. Yup, Dario. I have the market cornered in bowls. I have a monopoly and can charge what I like…

    As far as I know they now deliver Nationwide [to shops, I mean], but I can understand them avoiding Cavan. Everyone else does.

    As for your typo – the less said, the better 😉

  8. The bowls are great. They are good and sturdy and will fit in with any décor.

    But how I agree with you, Will!!!! If they stacked properly I could avoid the avalanche that happens every time I open a cupboard, press or wardrobe.


    Are you still there Cully?

    Make you bowls stackable Cully…

  9. But it’s too dangerous to drive on ’em with the Skobies drag-racing up and down in stolen cars….

  10. People who live along the racing backroads of choice could be encouraged to keep a stack of bowls handy — say, under the hedge — for hurling at the skobes as they speed by?

    Could be a lorra fun, as Cilla would say…

  11. Touche, Mr. Grandad …

    As above except you could make them into Stingers to pop the tyres. They are ceramic bowls, right?

  12. Dario – What ya mean outside the Plale? Cully and Sully are two cute Cork hoors. Well, well outside the Pale. Worse than being Cork hoors, one is of the Darina Allen clan.

    And while I’m at it, Dubliner Cheese is from Cork too.

    Beware the Reds under the bed (bowl and cheese board).

  13. You know what you should do Grandad? Take a leaf out of the website and start a charity type thing with a good story behind it – or whatever. I’ll kick it off and offer you €20 to whatever charity you choose for the venture.

  14. 🙂

    Great idea Alan. The only problem is that I have actually used all the bowls now in the extension and any future ones will have to go into finishing that off [I’m still working on ideas for the roof but I think it’s going to end up a bit like Gallarus Oratory]

  15. Grandad

    I have the same problem with tobacco tins, someone suggested I should hand them in to a local school. It brings back memories of primary school, where did those teachers get those tins for their chalk? Bowls could be handy for all sorts of curriculum.

    My other tip is: come up with a winning recipe like treacle pudding, easy to make in the microwave in said bowls. Or yorkshire pudding, also a few minutes in the microwave or oven. You could them just freeze them or sell them!

    Last but not least, stick them together with that fish tank glass glue. Silicone i think. In an artistic fashion of course. Could make a very original multi-pot stand. You could go for a world record!

    Still doesn’t work for you. Take them to your local butcher, deli, restaurant, you might get a free lamp chop, slice of salami or pizza out of it.

    Should none of the above inspire, just make your own bloody fish pie.

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