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  1. Grandad,

    You were warned that the programme of harassment would continue 😉

    Here are some pictures of the ESB at work in your village:

    I have been waiting to move house since 25th February – the house was ready and dedicated by the Archbishop, but there was no electricity, despite the ESB being told months previously.

  2. Go easy on that american fellow Grand Dad, you have to remember they think Irony has something to do with pressing clothes

  3. ‘Twas me. 18 months of flickering lights, possessed appliances and dodgy bills are about to come to an end.

    C’mon Grandad, one day powerless is a small sacrifice for a steady 220+V for da neighbour.

  4. I am shocked and/or appalled.

    I never insinuated that Ron had an easy job of setting up the site. I said Blogger made it far simpler. Blogger also has an irritating habit of deleting my posts though, so it has a double-edge to it.

    And I infer a mildly patronising tone from the post itself; the one thing I cannot abide is being spoken down to. I had to go toe-to-toe with a fucking harpie of a lecturer yesterday over some little thing and she spoke down to me. She underestimated me.

    And if you are having a bad day, try some of those hash cakes. They might help you chill.

  5. @Ian – Just because I’m not paranoid, doesn’t meant they’re not all out to get me. I know they are.

    @Grannymar – Bless you! The only person with any soul around here. We are OK now. I have Herself peddling the bike with the dynamo running.

    @Sean – He claims to be Irish!!

    @Neighbour – I might have known it was you! You are dead meat. I have had to do without my cuppa all day just because your Nintendo flickers from time to time [and that’s just because you don’t know how to play it!!!]. Think of Herself peddling away out here. How can you sleep at night. From now on, all the poo from my front gate ends up in your garden. Right?

    @Dario – What’s wrong with you, dear boy? Shocked? Why? Ron is a bit hurt but he’ll survive. And patronising? Talking down to you? You have me totally confused?!?!

  6. Just sticking my nose in where it’s got no business being, but I have to say, I don’t think Dario insulted Ron by any means. He simply said that it was easy to set up a blog using Blogger/Blogspot. I don’t think that this implied that Ron’s task of setting you guys up with your own hosts/domains, etc., was an easy one.

    Besides that – I presume the ESB will compensate you in some way? A free basket of electricity or something like that? Over here, a discount is given if the service is disrupted for more than 12/24 hours.

  7. Alright, yous’ guys’ got me good but it started with Dario telling her to look out for flowers in the mail then I go to GLTP and read what she wrote and I start thinking(yeah I know, dangerous)..WTF did I do. Well it took me awhile to figure it was my comment. So I go back and read Offsprings comment then of course I start thinking (even more dangerous) that maybe nobody got my intent………
    Ok, so I got got!!
    Conspiratorial bastards

  8. Hi Kav,

    Nah! It was just me being p*ss*d off. Sorry Dario. I know it’s easy to set up on Blogger or whatever, but our K8 is picky and wanted her own deal. And when you have contacts in the web-hosting business……..?

    Power is back. Herself is having a well earned rest and a cuppa with a neighbour [I’ve been thrown out], so all is fine.

    The ESB are cute – they only cut us off for 11 hours and 59 minutes, so no free baskets of volts or amps or watts. What?

    Today was a short one. Only 6 hours.

  9. Hi Brian,

    That’s what you get when you tangle with this family. We are worse than the Mafia. So I’m a Grandad and a Godfather.

    Welcome to the family. We hope you and K8 will be very happy together…..

  10. P.S. to the above….

    Brian – We will be arriving tomorrow morning – Three adults, two children and two dogs. We’ll leave the fish and the heron behind.

    Just so you know how much food to lay in..

  11. Grandad,
    The spare room is all set up. The freezer is packed with pork ribs and venison. I’m going to the butchers tomorrow to stock up on chicken and we can shoot squirrels out the back. I’m off to the green grocer later today. I’ll stop at the beer distributor and pick up a case of Yuengling.

  12. WTF is Yuengling? Beer? You never heard of Guinness?

    On second thoughts, that doesn’t travel well and only tastes good here. We’ll make do with moonshine.

  13. Grandad,

    Brian is doing you a big favor buying Yuengling; he could be picking up a case of Rolling Rock Extra Pale or Stoudt’s Ale.
    Isn’t that right,Brian?

  14. Thanks Nancy. That sets my mind at rest.
    Mind you, to be on the safe side, I’ll Google it before I gargle it.

  15. I don’t mind, but don’t take out your electricity based woes on me in future, thanks.

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