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  1. Would YOU ever make up stories?

    Those pies sound nice. Any chance the Gardai would run one up to me?

  2. Of course I make up stories. You don’t seriously think George W is mad? Do you?

    I’m sure the Gardai would love to run a few pies up for you. Just give them a ring. The pies are lovely.

    Oh! And by the way – you have been appointed as my official Ambassador at the Alexander Hotel

  3. Of course they are great pies [and you get a nice little dish with them too].

    But will someone please tell Cully and Sully about this blog so that I can get a year’s free supply for all the advertising I’m giving them?

  4. Ah Grandad, I thought you would come and hold my hand on the night….

    If I am to be your ‘official Ambassador’ at the Alexander Hotel I better look out for a nice oufit 😉

  5. I never heard of these pies, and I’m not trying to be negative here. What general area do you live in, because all we can get up here in Cavan is Bacon Fries, and if the barman’s having a good day, soggy chips and a rasher that feels as if it’s still part of the pig.

  6. And thanks for putting me on your blogroll … *sniff*.

    I’m sorry, it’s just my blog is all grown up …

  7. Dario – you have answered your own question. You live in Cavan. That says it all. The rest of Ireland has moved on a few decades.

    I don’t know how widespread the pies are. They’ve been mentioned a few times in the press lately [good things, I hasten to add]. Google them.

    Sorry about the Blogroll. You were on my reader all right. I did a wee update of the roll and added yours and removed [*cough*] others. I have more to do there yet. I have forgotten how to use WordPress.

    And BTW, I don’t live in Cavan 😉

  8. Well then you are a fortunate man, though recently we got a shipment of mysterious artifacts called iPods in town … we think they’re for getting the wireless on the move or something like that.

    I notice a certain prominent professional blog is missing – well done on that count.

  9. DON’T TOUCH THOSE IPODS! They are genetically modified peas [I think]. We don’t have them around here.

    As for the blog that went missing – I don’t know how it got in there in the first place.

  10. It seems those things can happen in every country.

    Our Polish police has to serve a “special” demands of our politicians:

    Once a couple of policemen from a railway station in Wroclaw had to buy and to deliver a BigMac to the train car, acting on a request of lady one of the officials of Polish government.
    Since that people sometimes are laughing at them and kids shouting after policemen “2 BigMacs and chips please!”

    Unfortunately, one of the special demands has ended in death of two policemen. They were ordered to deliver drunken civil servant of ministry of justice to his home about 40 or 60 kms out of Warsaw. On the way back to Warsaw their car wend into skid and ended at the bottom of muddy pond.

  11. Too late.

    Actually, I have a problem with the pies so I’ll have to do a new post sometime soon……..

    P.S. The problem isn’t with the pies as such, more with the packing.

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