George and Mildred — 8 Comments

  1. I just wish I could get some photos. However, the parents are so quick on their feed-flights that I don’t get a chance. I can’t get close enough to the nest to take a photo without disturbing things.

    Maybe when the fledgling starts coming out to enjoy the sun?

  2. cardinals sometimes nest in the evergreens by our front door. which means for several weeks in spring, we come and go by the back door. so as not to bother them.

  3. We have set the garden out to suit wildlife, and have a great collection this year. George and Mildred are only one of about four pairs of blackbirds that are nesting here at the moment. It does make life a little difficult as large tracts of the garden are now out of bounds, and I have to keep a close eye on the dog!!

    On the other hand, I’m exempt from any hedge cutting at the moment ….

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