Every cloud has a sliver lining — 15 Comments

  1. Are you aware you are connecting to the Interweb using a connection called “” ??

  2. It’s no wonder her comments are so strange. She’s becoming an oxymoron.

    As long as she doesn’t get a high speed connection. 😉

  3. Can’t do that. The pavement would become my place of work and no-one would be able to smoke any more. Including me…

  4. Grandad,

    I notice that your excursions from Belville into town must have attracted the attention of the authorities, they appear to be cutting your access to the arterial route for a fortnight. Is this a programme of deliberate harassment to cage you in with the Sixteens and Yummy Mummies in the hope of silencing you?

  5. @Grannymar – You’ve been absent for a while!! Why would I want to get voted into that den of corruption? Would you want to share a room with Bertie?

    @Dario – ? You like or dislike street musicians? Good point though. Next time I might bring the guitar.

    @Laurie – I am very glad it is over. I hate towns. I hate the noise and the fumes and the concrete and the crowds. Give me the countryside every time.

    @Ian – The local council have made numerous attempts to quarantine me. They are always closing that road. Once again, during the week, they dug up the road at the end of my lane to try to stop me getting out. This is a deliberate attempt to intimidate me, by Bertie and his pals. I WILL PREVAIL!!!

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