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  1. You know Grandad, maybe we’re all plotting to cause friction in your house over who gets to use the computer …

    Your TV debut is tomorrow at 7.30 on RTE 1, right?

  2. Well you are doing a damn good job!!!!

    Nice job working Munch’s The Scream in there. But is it really that bad?

    Now you know why I was worried….

    And no. It’s at 7. Or so I am told. I’ll probably be on for 6 nanoseconds, if at all.

  3. They are supposed to be doing a bit about blogging on CapitalD. They came out last Wednesday to film.

    Red Mum is in it too along with “Parson to Person” [I think].

    I have seen no mention of it in the guides – they just talk about Grafton Street and Cafe Society, so I just don’t know.

  4. What channel is this on? I’m going to gym after work to work on my guns but I’ll keep you in mind while I’m staring at the arse(s) of the ladies on those bike things.

  5. Tomorrow – RTE1 @ 7pm. They usually archive the programme to the website anyway. All last year’s series is there anyway.

  6. I presume you mean the way my posts only partially appear in readers?

    The main reason is that some of my posts can be quite long and can fill up readers. Ex-pal Ron set it up this way. Do you want it changed?

  7. I’d suggest changing it to full feeds alright. Just a pity Ron’s out of the picture due to his traitorous actions.

  8. Full feeds may mean that people will be less likely to jump through to your site, so your stats may go down.

    Alternatively, some people hate partial feeds, so they refuse to click through to the site – they prefer to read everything in their RSS reader…

    It’s six and half a dozen, whichever you prefer.

  9. Grandad, look on the bright side. Now you don’t have to listen to Herself complain. You may have to read alot of complaints but now you don’t have to listen to them.

    By the way, you have been tagged. Go and check my blog and you’ll see what you have to do. Don’t feel bad, I tagged Herself also.

  10. @Anthony – As you say, Ron has some explaining to do first!

    @Elly – Thanks for the explanation. I’ll probably stick with partial, as I don’t like filling up readers with rubbish.

    BTW, don’t tell your mother about The Other Site – they’ll only gang up against me….

    @Brianf – Good point about the complaints. How many men can delete their wife’s moaning?!

    As for the tagging – don’t know what that is about? I presume I’d have to tag some other people? Don’t know any other people. And they probably wouldn’t thank me anyway.. I’m no good at these things.

  11. Yeah, Brian’s right. When I started blogging I was a complaining bastard who’d whinge to anyone within vocal range. Now I just put it up on the blog and no-one is bothered by my complaining. In fact, people read and comment on my rants, which is even more surprising. So at least now you and Herself can leave the sniping to the internet and enjoy bliss in the real world.

  12. That was the original reason I started blogging – Herself complaining that I was always shouting at the telly.

    It worked too. Now there is total peace in the house!!

  13. The strange thing I’ve realised is – by publicising her blog, you’re making her more and more popular.

    I had to wait four months for a comment. Granny already has nineteen. Perhaps you are conspiring with her.

  14. Come on, I think it’s become obvious that Grandad’s an unemployed twenty-something intent on taking over the world of blogging using his various alter egos.

    Or is that me?

  15. Is what you, Kav? A unemployed twenty-something intent on taking over the world of blogging? Or one of my alter egos?

    You might be the former, but if you were me [or part of me] then I think I’d know about it.

    Are you saying Herself doesn’t exist? Are you saying that I don’t exist?

    It’s you lot who keep reading my blog. I don’t force you to. I don’t care.

    And, as a matter of interest, how am I supposed to prove that I’m not an unemployed twenty-something?

  16. Leave us a picture – thus destroying your anonymity!

    And while if I hadn’t seen the tagline ‘Rambles around the head of an Irish senior citizen‘ and the fact that you’re called Grandad, I would have taken you for a 32-year-old, there or thereabouts.

    Put up a photo of your buspass or something like that to prove your age.

  17. Dario – I could post a picture on anyone up here and it wouldn’t prove a thing. Same goes for a buspass [though I don’t have one]. You and Kav are obviously conspiracy theorists! [I never thought I’d be the subject of one of them].

    Thank you though for your comment about being 32. That is just about the age I think of myself. It’s only when I look in a mirror I get a shock. Or when someone asks my age [and I have to calculate it].

    No. There should be conclusive proof tonight. Though even then, they say I look younger than my years but that is down to genetics, not clean living. It will prove beyond doubt though that I am over twenty something.

  18. I’m going over right now to let her know about the cool one-click shopping on amazon 😉

  19. Hello Grandad I am back!

    The bad news is that I have joined Granny’s fan club.

    We are going to form our own Grannies Club.

    They better have a special Grannie’s Award Blog next year

    Might come back here the odd time if I have a minute

  20. First of all, I was very sorry you were pipped at the post. Shame.

    Having said that, you are a traitor. You will regret it. She has lost the plot.

    Everything was fine until I passed a simple comment about her discovering eBay. What was wrong with that?

  21. I believe that you’re old(er). You’ve got that wiseness and that ability to patiently observe without saying anything, then stepping in, and in a few short sentences, make more sense than anyone has up to that point, and that can only be born from years of experience. You can’t fake that.

  22. I have just put up a post with the link. It has only gone on their site in the last hour.

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