Big Brother has come to get me — 16 Comments

  1. Have you got your speech ready?

    Maybe the wanted to see which puddle you had Bertie standing in?

    Did you know he was missing?

  2. My speech for the Videocast award? No. I can’t find a slot in my PC to put the tape into.

    Is Bertie gone missing? Great news! Please tell me you’re not joking.

  3. Wait a second … 7pm on RTE One …

    That’s Nationwide! Dear God! Tell me the guy with the voice that sounds like a cahin-smoking Kermit the Frog wasn’t there!

  4. Now who is going to record it and put it up on youtube so the rest of us can see it?

  5. @Dario – Of course it’s Nationwide. I wouldn’t have anything else! And there weren’t any frogs around.

    @Brianf – RTE put most of their programmes on the Internet so it can be viewed off their site.

    Holy Crap – I’ve just realised!! I’m going International on the Internet AND I’m going to be beamed into space to the satellite.
    So in one evening I’m going to be an International Celebrity AND an astronaut. I always wanted to be an astronaut. I wonder what it’ll feel like?

  6. Congratulations are in order – and don’t worry about going into space: it feels like a cat scan, or so I’ve heard.

  7. Thanks Dario, though I don’t have a clue why they chose me [an example of how not to do it?]. There are a lot better bloggers out there. It was great fun though even if I am knackered after.

    Is it true that I have to be broken up into individual atoms that are then pinged off the satellite before reassembly?

  8. ‘Tis yeah. It’s all tingly and stuff.

    Cool, it’s Capital D. That’s far more tolerable than Nationwide!

  9. I suppose I’ll have to watch it now. Though maybe I won’t – too embarrassing.

  10. In the interests of being a nosy bastard and wanting to see what you look like – I’ll watch it in your stead!

    Did you get the black bag with an X on it?

  11. Nah. I asked them to fuzz out my face like they do for criminals. As long as they don’t fuzz out my daughter or the dog [they were more keen to film the dog than me].

  12. I see …

    Apologies for my lack of common sense and morality last night in the last comment I left on the Aheron post.

    There have been many fundamental shifts in the Sanchez universe of late.

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