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  1. WHAAA? This from a rap song? Surely you jest!!! I too hate rap, I don’t think they should call it music. I trained in opera at one of the best music schools in the world and can’t believe the crap they are pushing on kids as “music!” But this is good advice… I just can’t believe it came from a rap song! LOL! It doesn’t even rhyme!

  2. The song is produced by Baz Luhrmann, a famous director. It is far from rap. It is more pop in my opinion, maybe even two-step.

    When people say they hate Rap I always wonder if they geniunely mean Rap or if they include Hip Hop in that. Rap and hip-hop are two different things. Rap is about bitches, ho’s and 44’s and features ganstars while hip-hop is about…well it isn’t about bitches, ho’s and 44’s. I hate Rap, but i love hip-hop 🙂

    Deborah, the song was originally a graduation speech and was produced by Baz. He talks over the song instead of singing.

  3. Thank you, Cormac. I stand corrected, and I am very glad. I have always hated rap, and am delighted to exclude this from the genre.

    Please don’t start on about rap and hip-hop and garage and all these new ‘music types’ because I haven’t a clue about them. I grew up in the days of Classical, Pop, Blues and Jazz. I coped when they started talking about Heavy Metal, Folk, Trad and the like but lost it around the time Punk came in.

    I suppose I classed the above as Rap because it is the spoken word over a rhythmic background, and in my ignorance I misnamed it. It is well worth listening to.

  4. Wow thanks Cormac. I refered my husband to the post Grandad and he too could not believe I didn’t know the song, said I had no sense of pop culture… I guess you and I are the only ones! And for the record… hate the hip-hop too! Say what you want about the Americans, but at least the radio stations are by genre so I didn’t have to listen to all that crap, could stick on the classic rock and know the worst thing I might have to hear would be Rush! 🙂

  5. Thanks Cormac.

    No. The video has been removed [copyright]

    And the Wiki entry gives the name of the film I saw – The Big Kahuna

  6. I know the song but I’ve never read all the lyrics. Do you think you need to get older to appreciate that it’s true. I recognise and accept all of it, but it doesn’t stop me doing the wrong/stupid thing half the time.

  7. I actually heard that song many moons ago and despite the monotone drawl of the guy’s voice, it was very well done and compelling to listen to. Despite my tender years though, I understanmd the meaning behind the phrase ‘easier said than done‘.

    I don’t know where you got the lyrics but thanks for reminding me of them. And you forgot:
    If I could give you just one piece of advice: wear sunscreen.’

  8. As soon as I heard the monotone, I went to turn the sound down. But then I started to listen. It was very good. A great pity there isn’t a sample on the Net [that I could find]

    I know I left out quite a large bit, but it is very long.

    I am probably going to be done for breach of copyright anyway!!!

  9. If you get arrested for breach of copyright at least you will both be in prison then -along with herself. Who will mind the dog? and the cactus?

  10. Oh sh*t! I hadn’t thought of that. The cactus can look after itself, but the dog….?
    And sharing a cell with Herself………????!!!!!

    No. I’ll plead insanity.

  11. Actually, it was originally believed to have been a speech delivered by science fiction legend Kurt Vonnegut (he of Slaughterhouse 5 fame) to an Ivy League graduation ceremony.
    Luhrmann liked it so much he nicked it and put it to music.
    Once it charted, Vonnegut revealed that he hadn’t written it at all. It later emerged to be the work of a female New York columnist, I believe.

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