Spot the difference — 16 Comments

  1. What taste!

    How come the Heron is Blue? Will it be the symbol and colour of you epolitical campaign

  2. It’s just the shadow. He is , in fact a sort of slate grey. The blue matches the other fella’s mood.

  3. That heron has more grace and intelligence in its beak than Ahern has altogether.

    Is there any way we can force a coup and put thet bird in power?

  4. The only problem is that I would then have the other yoke standing in my pond staring mournfully at me all day.

    Be honest – could you take that?

  5. The one on the right is a Blue Heron and the one on the left is a Great Eejit… wait that’s Great Egret, or is it and why not set the dog on either of them?

  6. I don’t care for herons. One lived outside our office a couple of years ago, and ate ducklings (there was a pond of sorts).

    I far prefer swans, though even those can be quite threatening, and one tried to eat my foot when I was 4.

  7. @Brianf – My Sandy is fussy. She won’t eat offal.

    @Rob – I like herons. I think they are magnificent birds, but I must admit they have disturbing eating habits. I like my goldfish too.

    But it’s better than the one on the left – he eats dead rats, and sometimes live ones too. And look what that did to Mary H.

  8. The only place I’ve ever seen herons is in Dublin Zoo, where they opportunistically wait for feeding time so they can fly down and grab the fish.

    They’re all shifty looking, on one foot and all, but they’re still a magnificent bird.

    You could always tell Ahern to stand in Dublin Zoo all day on one leg. That way, the bird could seize power and Ahern would have to wait for 3pm to get his grub.

  9. You should call out to my place, Dario. The bugger [Aheron, not Ahern] calls nearly every day.

    Damn good idea about the zoo. But I’d put him in with the lions……

  10. Peckerhead – I don’t normally allow advertising on this site unless I get all the kickbacks.

    But that one is classic! I think I wet myself again.

    BTW, in return for the advertising you can damn well send me one!!!

  11. It’ll be my pleasure, Grandad.

    I do appreciate the advertising; I’m beginning to think I may have somewhat overestimated the market for these, and while 500,000 flat magnets don’t take up all that much space, the magnetic field generated has knocked out most of the electrical appliances around the castle. Damn nuisance. Also, a neighbour’s child cycled by the other day on his new mountain bike, and there was nearly a dreadful accident!

    Ah well — one down, 499,999 to go…

  12. I’d better not go near you so – the pacemaker and all that….?

    Thanks for the magnet. I look forward to receiving it.


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