A radical new idea for the Electoral System — 15 Comments

  1. Excellent! Grandad for Taoiseach – got my votes. (yes, the wonderful electoral register in Ireland has me registered under two different names in three seperate places.)

  2. Grandad

    You can have my vote if..if..if…

    You sort out my ingrown toenails and remove all the cats of the neighbourhood from my front door step on sunny days!

  3. Ingrown toenails – kick a door hard in bare feet – the nail will turn black and fall off eventually. I know this because I accidentally walked into a door one night while asleep [and sober].

    Cats – get a dog.

    Maybe I will run for Taoiseach. I can give simple solutions to complex problems, and most people can understand what I am trying to say. That gives me a massive advantage over the present incumbent on two fronts.

  4. Ah, but you see Grandad, again youth is apathetic to the voting system!

    If blogs were in power in UCD, the power would rest solely with me and Cian, from Where’s Me Country. The D4s just ignore blogging altogether. I have decided, in protest, not to vote for the Students’ Union election running currently because none of the knobs could be arsed looking at my blog despite all the publicity I’ve given it.

    The Father Of Emocracy – now there’s a media-friendly soundbite. You’re already on your way to being a great politician!

  5. If they are aren’t interested in blogging, they’ll be even less interested in making their way to the polling booths. Anyway it is a citizen’s right not to vote. That, in itself is a vote [for apathy?].

    Do you and Cian wish to nominate yourselves for the forthcoming E-Dáil elections?

  6. Ah sure Grandad, you’d be a GRAND Taoiseach pardon the pun! As you’ve said, you got several up on the incumbent!!! Can I write you in?

  7. Absolutely. Only I have better hair than Bertie and I’ve been working on my Estate Agent smile – the one that can sell you any lie.

  8. And you are literate.

    BTW, I have launched your campaign – you get an oblique reference in a forthcoming TV program. But there again, they may edit that bit out….!

  9. Ah, so that came to fruition, did it? I’m glad for both you and blogging in general that it did. Have you any concrete details about it yet?

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