Is the worm turning?

The world is going through an “interesting” phase at the moment.

More and more we are seeing evidence of groups who think they are unaccountable, above the law and somehow superior to the rest of us.

We have the bankers and stockholders who all but brought the world to its knees with their recklessness.  Very few have been brought to account.  Even now, eight years later, one of the prime instigators of the Irish crash has only just been brought to court and the cynic in me tells me that he will get a minimum punishment, if any.

The we have the politicians who are riding rough-shod over the people.  In the UK, the “elite” are desperately trying to extricate themselves from the will of the people [on the grounds that the common man doesn’t know any better] and are trying to reverse Brexit.

The EU itself has long acted as an unaccountable dictatorship with its unelected imposing their will on the electorate.

In the US, the backlash against the political class has resulted in turmoil with the election of Trump [though in my book, Clinton would have been no better and probably worse].

In India we have the WHO and their precious COP 7 who have created the ultimate echo chamber where no dissension is permitted, even to the point of banning anyone who disagrees with their ideology from their meetings.  As before, they passed a vote banning all press representation and all representatives of Big Tobacco [if you are not a fanatical Anti-Smoker you are therefore in the pay of Big Tobacco] for all further sessions of the conference.

It’s a pity about the press being excluded from COP 6 as there is an interesting development this year.  While the WHO are turning their attention to vaping and trying their damndest to demonise that as well as cigarettes, there is a submission from the UK telling them they are entirely on the wrong track and that their policies are wrong.  As this submission comes from within their own ranks, the debate should be lively?  Unless of course the WHO decides that the UK is now in the pockets of Big Tobacco and bans them too?

We live in “interesting” times, indeed.

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Is the worm turning? — 9 Comments

    • Exactly who the fuck do these people think they are?  Unelected tax spongers laying down the law? They really all should be lined up…….

      • …all should be lined up and offered a choice of swallowing hemlock, or smoking a Havana cigar which they don’t have to inhale. They might come to appreciate the rich aroma.

  1. The FCTC must be dismantled.  All signatory states should abrogate this totalitarian farce.  The WHO should be reformed to focus on actual disase not lifestyle preferences. Tobacco control must be destroyed. 

    • I think it’s the old case of “give them enough rope and they’ll hand themselves”.  They are becoming more extreme by the day and more people than ever are starting to see them for what they are – a bunch of raving religious fanatics.

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  3. The worm is turning I feel, slowly. I’ve sent a few letters to the editor of my local daily paper over the last year attacking tobacco taxes and smoking bans and some of them to my surprise were published. Also I got an email today from a magazine editor who I’ve been sending stuff about the lies concerning smoking and he says that they are planning to publish an article soon. It took years to get to the shit situation regarding tobacco we are now in, it will take a while to get things back to “normal” but the turn is on. Those tobacco control freaks in the videos have no answers, I think they are starting to realize their days are numbered. I look forward to watching the anti-smoker rats deserting the sinking tobacco control ship.

    • I have noticed that phenomenon here too – papers that were religiously Anti-Smoker are now daring to print alternative viewpoints.  Is there a glimmer of sunrise on the horizon?

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