Is the worm turning? — 9 Comments

  1. She cornered a couple of them and they wouldn’t say why the media are banned from the proceedings. It’s a fix.

    • Exactly who the fuck do these people think they are?  Unelected tax spongers laying down the law? They really all should be lined up…….

      • …all should be lined up and offered a choice of swallowing hemlock, or smoking a Havana cigar which they don’t have to inhale. They might come to appreciate the rich aroma.

        • Just stick ’em all in a smoke filled room.  Their fertile imagination and auto-suggestion would do the rest.

  2. The FCTC must be dismantled.  All signatory states should abrogate this totalitarian farce.  The WHO should be reformed to focus on actual disase not lifestyle preferences. Tobacco control must be destroyed. 

    • I think it’s the old case of “give them enough rope and they’ll hand themselves”.  They are becoming more extreme by the day and more people than ever are starting to see them for what they are – a bunch of raving religious fanatics.

  3. The worm is turning I feel, slowly. I’ve sent a few letters to the editor of my local daily paper over the last year attacking tobacco taxes and smoking bans and some of them to my surprise were published. Also I got an email today from a magazine editor who I’ve been sending stuff about the lies concerning smoking and he says that they are planning to publish an article soon. It took years to get to the shit situation regarding tobacco we are now in, it will take a while to get things back to “normal” but the turn is on. Those tobacco control freaks in the videos have no answers, I think they are starting to realize their days are numbered. I look forward to watching the anti-smoker rats deserting the sinking tobacco control ship.

    • I have noticed that phenomenon here too – papers that were religiously Anti-Smoker are now daring to print alternative viewpoints.  Is there a glimmer of sunrise on the horizon?

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