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  1. Twill be great in allowing Herself to watch Netflix, and the grandchildren to play online games.

    • Nah! Netflix is essentially showing the same rubbish films that are on Sky.  The point of the exercise is to save a few bob [I’m now getting fast broadband and free phone calls for the price of just the old “broadband” so already I am way ahead].  The next move is to witch to Freeview/Saorview and scrap Sky.

      And if the grandkids want to play games, then that’s fine by me.  €10 an hour sounds reasonable?

      • We have a box we bought in Power City connected to an old Sky dish – it gets Astra 2A and Eurobird, the subscription channels are scrambled but all the Free to Air Channels are available

        • It’s one of those lads I was thinking of getting.  A combined Freeview/Saorview box using the old satellite dish.  They cost about two months Sky rental!

  2. That’s odd because it’s a mirror image of what happened me. The fibre optic cabinet I can see a hundred yards from my front window took them nearly nine months to hook up after it was planted. I was first in the queue when it went live and at no extra cost either, it was installed in the home. They advertised 100 Mbits download but the reality is 80. But 80 was a huge jump from 5 I had that was really 3.

    If it drifts below 80 now I’m hotfoot onto Eircom to freeze my bill until they sort it out, which they generally do fairly pronto. And the amazing thing for me is that the bill is €5.00 cheaper a month than the old slow line I had.

    • I switched to broad band because the cost was cheaper than the old phone only, but I get free calls and effectively free broadband.  I also save by cancelling the old broadband altogether.

      I’m supposed to get 100, but it’s varying between 75 and 90.  If it drops below 10, I’ll worry!  And apparently I was third in the queue…

  3. All I can say is – you lucky bastard. 12-13 down and about 3 up is what I’m used to. I just completed (almost – I’ve still got to sort out all the shit, which will take a few months, I guess) my move to Patras, and there have been mutterings about fibre optics here, but I’m not holding my breath.

    • When he said he was Greek, I asked if he knew you.  He said he’d look you up and give you a decent connection.  The things I do for people….

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