A couple of days ago I came across a post by Frank Davis.

Well, it wasn't so much a post as a video about the World's [allegedly] Oldest Man who is [allegedly] 145 years of age.

There is one sequence where the old chap's face is blurred –

Blurred image

Now why have they done that?  The video isn't the best quality anyway and to deliberately blur it seems a bit strange?  But stop the press – is that smoke emanating from the blur?  It couldn't possibly be?  Here is the World's [allegedly] Oldest Man smoking, which means he should have died at least a hundred years ago?

Curiosity got the better of me and I set off on a quest to find a pre-blurred image.  It wasn't easy as they had all been censored but eventually I found one that had been overlooked as it had fallen down behind the filing cabinet.

Clear image

So yes indeed – there he is thoroughly enjoying a grand smoke.

Now who decided this image should be blurred, and why?

Did they look at it and decide that millions of kids would take up smoking?  I doubt that.

Far more likely is that it belies the lie.  Smoking kills, they scream yet here is an old geezer smoking.  Was it such a shock to their religious beliefs that they couldn't bear to look at it?  Or did they just not want the world to see the lie? To them, this must seem like definitive scientific evidence that God doesn't exist.  It is contra to everything that the Tobacco Nazis proclaim, yet there is the proof of their lie staring at them from the screen.  Here is another addition to the long list of the World's Oldest Smokers.

It's just too shocking.

Much better to blur it and pretend it didn't happen.


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Extreme denial — 14 Comments

  1. He outlived his four wives and all ten siblings and all his children. He enjoys smoking –  fine, but does he enjoy home-made beer or spirits?

        • No. If one lives a long life, a major cause may be happiness; but people who live short lives may be happy too. Smoking and the odd pint of beer can be conducive to happiness, which in turn can 'conduce to' although not always result in long life. That Indonesian's happiness may also have been caused by his family life (4 wives – whether serial or concubinal is not stated – and umpteen progeny) + puffing fags and quaffing beer.

          • At the end of the day, does any of this matter?  Personally I would prefer a short happy life to a long miserable one, and am not going to do anything unpleasant just to gain me a theoretical year or two.

  2. This is about not understanding (or not wanting to understand) statistics. Smokers are more likely to die early, but that does not mean that all smokers will certainly die early, or that no non-smokers will die early.

    • Welcome, Don!  Don't worry – I know about statistics and I also know how they can be twisted to give the desired result.  Statistically, there may [or may not] be a huge [or tiny] chance that smokers die younger, but that isn't the point. 

      If statistics show that some smokers may die before their allocated time [however that is supposed to be determined?] then there is a chance that the smoker will die early.  However the Puritans would have us believe that a possibility is an inevitability.  They used to say that smoking may damage your health [true] but now state categorically that smoking kills [false].  They work in a world of absolutes and any prospect of disproving their absolute must be ignored or erased.


  3. I've said it elsewhere but longevity is a lottery. As a professional geneticist I'm aware that some folk are protected from life's excesses and some are not, by their genetic profile. Doctors and the establishment would tell you otherwise, however they would say that, wouldn't they?  That's life folks with all its unfairness and unusual turnings. At the end of the day have some fun and spend time with folk you like and love.

    • They say if you want to live a long life, just be happy and contented.  I think I read somewhere that it can add up to ten years to an average lifespan?

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