Elbow room at last — 8 Comments

  1. Well, now you've done it, pissed off your dog for life. Next thing she'll be doing is weeing a bit in your slippers just to say she did?

    • She might as well.  She has taken over my bed too.  She's lying in her remaining armchair at the moment, looking daggers at me.  The bitch!

  2. I'm currently in the process of moving from a house with about 100 sq m to my apartment in Patras, which is 65 sq m (including the walls, which are 25 cm thick, so in reality probably more like 55 sq m).

    So I'm having to divest myself of loads of stuff so I'll be able to actually get in the place.

    Problem is, a fair bit of it is antique furniture, some of which has been passed down, so I'm having to ship that back to my daughter in UK at great expense (I'd like it to stay in the family), on top of all the other expenses moving involves. And even then, I'm frantically doing drawings to calculate how I can squeeze a quart into a pint pot. Every scrap of space in the new place has to be utilised with 100% efficiency. It's a bloody nightmare. Not to mention the logistics (and expense – again) involved with moving somewhere that is two hours on the ferry and then four and a half hours drive away. Every trip I do with the van costs me €80 for the ferry, €20 each way to cross the bridge at Antirio (,_Greece ) plus about €60 diesel for the round trip.

    I've been dumping stuff in the bottom apartment that I'm doing up, and praying that when the time comes it all fits in upstairs where I'll be living. If not, I foresee a few trips to the local tip in Patras…

    • You could always leave it in the apartment downstairs?  It will save me having to bring furniture when I move in.

      Or else have a massive bonfire and then send the insurance cheque to your daughter?

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