I joined the local library last week.

"Aha!" you say, "but aren't you a man of letters who reads copious quantities of literature?  Surely you must belong to a library?"

The fact is that I got my first library membership when I was around the five mark.  Since then I have sucked the words off pages from just about any library within reach.  I was on first name terms with the librarians and the only problem lay in finding a book that I hadn't read.

That all stopped a few years ago.  I don't know why.  I just stopped going to the library and bought books new or secondhand instead.  I suppose it gave me a wider choice, and for the new books at least, it was handy having them delivered by post.

I dropped into the local branch library on Friday, more to say Howya than anything else.  There was a nice catty woman behind the desk, and it transpired that she was new to the place too.  I showed her my ancient plastic library cards and she scanned them into her computer.  Gone are the good old days of paper tickets and little card envelopes.

Yes, she had a record of my card number but no record of me.  I had been deleted.  She said that was no problem and that she would set me up again, but this required looking through a massive page of instructions on entering new members as she hadn't done it before.

Eventually after about twenty minutes of frantic typing, deleting, re-typing and desperate flicking through the manual she announced that I was now a member again.  She then started telling me all the wonderful things I could do with my new membership. 

I could borrow books [I had guessed that already] but there was a whole load of stuff I could do if I had a computer.  I told her that I had one of those. 

She looked pleased and announced I could then learn a language if I had a computer.  Apparently there are 72 languages I can teach myself from the comfort of my armchair.  I told her I had enough trouble with the one I use every day and that adding another would ony confuse me.

She said I could read magazines.  Now the ony time I ever read magazines is in a waiting room, so the idea didn't really appeal as it had unpleasant associations.

She said I could do a course.  Now this was more up my street.  She said there were more than 400 courses I could take all in the comfort of home.  She suggested I start by taking a course in Beginner's Computing.  I coughed.  I said that was an excellent idea but did they have advanced courses in C++, Boolian logic or database design?  She coughed.  She said she didn't know.  

Anyhows I thanked her very much, grabbed a couple of books and left.

This morning I remembered the thing about the courses, so I went onto the website.  I entered my card number and set up an account.

Well, bugger me with a broomstick but there are some good ones in there!  There is a massive list of categories from Accounting to Writing Skills.  I might have a bash at the latter some time.  I could do with some improvement. 

I think I'll start though with "Creating WordPress Websites".

I often wondered how that was done.

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On being undeleted — 8 Comments

  1. Oh the good oul C++ books. when I was studying software in the 90's we had only had one programming book called 'Code Complete' which was the software equivalent of  what Peig Sayers book was to the Irish language.   I'd go hunting through the various libraries for C++ and VB books as they were bloody expensive to buy.

    • All the courses I did just handed out bespoke course notes which are now either hopelessly out of date or binned.  I never did get around to C++ but PHP is basically quite similar.  VB?  Didn't like.

  2. That's one thing I miss, libraries.  Though I am surprised that Big Nanny Goobermint hasn't deemed them unhealthy or insanitary or found some other reason to close them down for our own good!

    • No libraries in France?  I'm surprised.

      What amazes me is that they are still free here.  One of the few services I wouldn't complain about paying a [small] fee for.

  3. I think I'll start though with "Creating WordPress Websites".

    I often wondered how that was done.

    Yeah, me too. Let me know if the course is worth it.

    • Just completed my second lesson on how to choose a browser, FTP client and text editor.  Apparently they have never heard of Xed.

      • I suppose they recommend vim or perhaps nano? Oh, wait…they probably don't know what a "Linux" is. Strictly Windows oriented?

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