Out of step with myself — 5 Comments

  1. Choice three is where I'm at these days most of the time GD. It ain't so bad, just takes a little getting used to. The world has gone bonkers, you're on the money there. And death would be preferable to choice one to me. Dropping out is a way of fighting the bastards. In fact I think the freakish types in Tobacco Control would be pissed off more by being ignored than fighting them head on. Fighting them just legitimizes their existence. I do my own thing with fellow travelers and say fuck the rest. Let the inmates of the asylum stew in their own juice. We have compulsory voting here in Australia and the thing that is pissing off politicians on all sides is the increase in informal votes the last few elections. A lot of people are not taking them or the system seriously anymore. Instead they draw pictures of penises or write 'fuck you!' or just put a blank paper in the ballot box.

    Fighting the corrupt insane system head on is as you say like banging your head against a brick wall, it feels better when you stop. An old saying 'the dogs in the village bark but the caravan keeps moving on through the night'. Be the caravan GD. 

    Having said all that I do miss your angry rants.

    • I doubt very much that the anger will have gone away.  There's too much idiocy and ignorance in the world for that.

      I have no intention of quitting [well, not today anyway] so the caravan will indeed roll on…..

  2. You could always go for choice #4 which is sit back, relax and just poke fun at the whole mess. This allows you to do away with the anger and use sarcasm, and snarky in it's place, something that is always beneficial for the soul. Plus you can keep up the fluffy shit and making up stuff as well since you've  always been good at that. 

    You also haven't sent any tourists up to the bogs in awhile. Might want to look into that?

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