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  1. Oh the good oul C++ books. when I was studying software in the 90's we had only had one programming book called 'Code Complete' which was the software equivalent of  what Peig Sayers book was to the Irish language.   I'd go hunting through the various libraries for C++ and VB books as they were bloody expensive to buy.

    • All the courses I did just handed out bespoke course notes which are now either hopelessly out of date or binned.  I never did get around to C++ but PHP is basically quite similar.  VB?  Didn't like.

  2. That's one thing I miss, libraries.  Though I am surprised that Big Nanny Goobermint hasn't deemed them unhealthy or insanitary or found some other reason to close them down for our own good!

  3. I think I'll start though with "Creating WordPress Websites".

    I often wondered how that was done.

    Yeah, me too. Let me know if the course is worth it.

    • Just completed my second lesson on how to choose a browser, FTP client and text editor.  Apparently they have never heard of Xed.

      • I suppose they recommend vim or perhaps nano? Oh, wait…they probably don't know what a "Linux" is. Strictly Windows oriented?

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