Irish Water is back in the headlines.

Irish Water is the gubmint's great Three Card Trick. 

"Look lads, we'll pay you €100 if you sign up to this low cost service and we promise not to raise the cost for a few years.  Sure, you can't have water for free, now can you?"

What they really mean is "Sign the fucking contract and we have you by the balls.  Rates will soar through the roof as soon as the moratorium is up, and the instant the company runs into profit [which won’t be long at the rates we’ll be charging], we'll flog it off to the highest bidder."

This "water for nothing" drop of propaganda has gone down well with the sheeple.  I frequently hear people say such things as "it's only fair that we pay for a service" and "we can't expect to get it for nothing so I'm willing to pay".  What these fucking idiots don't realise is that they have been paying for it all along.  Simple logic shows that the Councils up 'til now have been providing the water, and who pays for the Council?  We do.  For years we have been paying not only through ordinary tax but through car tax as well.

So now they want us to pay for it three times over?

I received yet another bill the other day demanding more money.  My arrears are building very nicely I might add.  The question I would pose now is who in their right fucking mind will pay this oneThings are looking dicey for Irish Water and they say there will be no refunds, so all those upright honest idiotic sheeple would be paying money into a scam that is likely to end soon.  Surely even those who have been suckered into the scam to date will see that they might as well burn the money and save on the postage?

The gubmint is screaming that it will cost seven billion to shut down Irish Water.  That's not my problem.  In fact it was the EU, not the gubmint who demanded the setting up of Irish Water in the first place.

Let them fucking pay.


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Water under the bridge — 9 Comments

  1. "It's getting more bizarre as time goes on, that's all I can say"

    Deputy Fleming's comment is about all one can say about the utter debacle that is Irish Water

    • Every time they create some fiasco I think they have reached their peak and couldn't do worse.  They always manage to surprise me!

  2. In the piece you link to it says there are 4 categories of loss to abolishing it. One of those 4 is 'benefits forgone'.

    So what they mean is that part of the cost of closure is their loss of future profit.

    So if I offer you this used (only slightly chewed and needing minor sharpening) pencil I have on my desk for 30 euro, then if you decline my offer you have cost me 30 euro. What accounting!

    • You forgot redundancy payments and hefty pensions.  Bear in mind that seven billion is the estimate produced by Irish Water, so naturally there would be pure honesty and no inflationary effect to dissuade a sale?

  3. I keep getting texts from someone claiming to be irish water, this must be a scam as I never gave them my number.

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