The Tobacco Wars — 13 Comments

    • As part of the "small financial consideration" provided by Pharma, EU-WHO were obliged to take orders only from Pharma.  In fact they were specifically prohibited from any dealings with Tobacco, Vape, The Kingdom of Logic or the Duchy of Common Sense.

  1.  "Contemporary Fairy Tales and Bedtime Stories".  Ideal for the cheeeldren?

    Does the evil devil "cigar" feature in it?

    • Not really.  Pharmas claim that there are, who are in the pay of Tobacco, but the people of Vape are just happy individuals with no leadership to piss them off.

  2. Brilliant story.  But I predict it will have as little impact as the golden oldie "The Emperor's New Clothes," since all those so-called Kings are running around hollering about those gorgeous garments, when that ol emperor is clearly buck nekkid.

    • Welcome Andria!  If enough of us shout that we can see the king's wobbly bits then maybe people will start to take note?

      • So I keep hoping, but they just keep hollering louder and throwing all that ill-gotten money around, and you know how loudly THAT stuff speaks.  The venality of officials who should be held to a much higher ethical standard is frankly appalling.

  3. Regarding the last line:
    “They also declared that the religion of Health was much more important than Life”
    Might read better if written:
    They also declared that the religion of Health was much more important than happiness while at the same time promoting and extending Life.

    • Welcome Brother Bob!

      Ah, but the religion of Life was one of happiness and contentment.  The religion of Health just promoted the extension of existence, and a pretty miserable existence at that.

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