Water under the bridge — 9 Comments

  1. "It's getting more bizarre as time goes on, that's all I can say"

    Deputy Fleming's comment is about all one can say about the utter debacle that is Irish Water

    • Every time they create some fiasco I think they have reached their peak and couldn't do worse.  They always manage to surprise me!

  2. In the piece you link to it says there are 4 categories of loss to abolishing it. One of those 4 is 'benefits forgone'.

    So what they mean is that part of the cost of closure is their loss of future profit.

    So if I offer you this used (only slightly chewed and needing minor sharpening) pencil I have on my desk for 30 euro, then if you decline my offer you have cost me 30 euro. What accounting!

    • You forgot redundancy payments and hefty pensions.  Bear in mind that seven billion is the estimate produced by Irish Water, so naturally there would be pure honesty and no inflationary effect to dissuade a sale?

  3. I keep getting texts from someone claiming to be irish water, this must be a scam as I never gave them my number.

    • Could it be Nigerian Water dialing the wrong number? Helpfully give them the Ryanair number next time.

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